7Rocks MOD 1.11 Unlimited Stars APK

Posted by Bui Thao
PublisherAlexander Tavintsev
Version1.11 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Stars
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedNovember 7, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Introduce about 7Rocks game

7Rocks MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) is a fun and engaging puzzle game specially designed for puzzle game lovers. 7Rocks offers players a new and creative experience. In the game, players will have to explore and search for special stones hidden in complex and dangerous mazes. Only when a sufficient number of these stones are found can the player unlock new challenges and progress to the next round? With a rich level system, special features, and mysteries waiting to be discovered, 7Rocks will surely please puzzle and exploration game lovers.

The variety of 10 characters

7Rocks has ten unique characters with different visual and physical parameters, providing players various choices and experiences. From agile and agile characters to powerful characters and hand-to-hand combat, you can find one to suit your playing style.

Learn about seven types of stones

In the game 7Rocks, seven types of rocks vary in height, difficulty, and weather conditions. Each type of stone has its properties and characteristics, requiring players to have the right skills and strategies to overcome. For example, Sapphire has a low elevation but is difficult to overcome due to being divided into parts; Emerald has difficulty finding the correct path, and Ruby has harsh weather conditions with dense fog. Players need to consider carefully before choosing stones to explore and collect rewards.

Unique fracture system

In 7Rocks APK, a unique fracture system has been added, affecting the player’s gaming experience even more. When you stumble or get hit by an enemy, your character’s limbs can break and affect your ability to fight. With this system, players must be more careful in moving and attacking to avoid encountering broken bones. At the same time, players can also collect items to restore health and heal injuries to continue fighting.

Make the most of the profile board to raise your level

The profile board in 7Rocks APK mod is where you can keep track of your character’s skills, equipment, quests and progress. From there, you can evaluate and improve your fighting ability to overcome complex challenges in the game. Moreover, the profile board gives you information about your records and achievements, helping you better see your strengths and weaknesses to find ways to improve your fighting skills in the future.

Experience the sounds of nature and climbers

Nature sounds and mountain climbers play an essential role in reproducing fresh air and bringing an immersive experience to players. As you climb mountains and conquer complex challenges, you will hear the sound of footsteps on the rocks, the sound of the wind blowing, the murmur of the falling stones, and the sound of streams and birdsong. All these sounds will help players feel the liveliness and authenticity of the rocky environment. In addition, the sound of the climbers in the game also brings the player a sense of thrill and stimulation when climbing and overcoming complex challenges.

End of the game and memorable experiences

Experiencing a journey of breaking bones and facing complex challenges, you have succeeded in becoming a talented player of 7Rocks MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) on MODAPKOKI. The key to overcoming levels and challenges is not merely skill and agility but also ingenuity, mental endurance and sometimes even luck.

You learned much during the game, from resource management to building tactics and flexibility in approaching different situations. These skills and experiences will help you succeed in the game and can also be applied in everyday life.