Bakery Shop Makeover

Bakery Shop Makeover MOD 1.3.0 Unlimited Money APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameBakery Shop Makeover
Version1.3.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedMarch 20, 2024 (3 months ago)
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Introduce about Bakery Shop Makeover

Bakery Shop Makeover MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI is a mobile game developed by ZYMOBILE LIMITED. In this game, the player will be a pastry shop owner and redecorate his shop to attract more customers.

During the game, players will be given various tools and options to redecorate their shop, including choosing furniture, decorating the shop, and creating unique cakes to decorate and sell to customers.

In addition, players can also interact with other characters in the game and perform various tasks to enhance their gaming experience.

Unlimited inspiration

Bakery Shop Makeover is a game inspired by real-life, modern food and home decoration trends.

Regarding interior decoration, players can refer to modern decoration trends such as Scandinavian, Minimalist, Bohemian, or classic decoration styles to create a unique space and attract customers. In addition, the game also offers various furniture and decorative items so that players can be creative and free to design their shop as they want.

As for the food part, the game is inspired by famous and unique pastries worldwide. Players can refer to traditional cake recipes or create new and unique cakes to satisfy customers.

In addition, the game adds tasks and activities such as communicating with customers and employees, managing finances, and updating the latest products to help players get the most realistic experience of becoming a customer. an actual pastry shop owner.

Many styles of decoration

In Bakery Shop Makeover Mod, players can choose various decoration styles to create a unique pastry shop space and attract customers.

Scandinavian: This style uses light and minimalist colors, combining wood and metal, creating a simple but cozy space.

Minimalist: This decorating style focuses on minimalism, creating a space that is simple but modern and elegant, with monochromatic colors.

Bohemian: This style uses bright colors, cultural motifs, and colorful decorative items, creating a creative, personal, and eye-catching space.

Vintage: Vintage decor often uses luxurious materials and finishes, such as wood, leather, and metal, with delicate lines and classic textures.

Modern: Modern decor often uses the latest materials and finishes, such as plastic, glass, and metal, creating a simple and elegant space with a combination of minimalistic colors.

With many different decoration styles, players can freely choose and be creative to create a unique and impressive pastry shop.

Fascinating storyline

The plot revolves around the main character, a young girl named Emily; she has inherited a pastry shop from her grandmother. Emily is passionate about art and interior design and wants to make her store a unique and beautiful place to attract customers.

However, Emily has discovered that her grandmother’s store is experiencing financial difficulties and no longer attracts as many customers as it once did. So she devised a plan to improve the store and re-engage customers.

While decorating and managing the store, Emily will face many challenges and difficulties, such as managing finances, finding employees, and updating the latest products. However, with help and support from friends and others in the community, Emily will overcome any challenge to make her shop an excellent destination for cake and page lovers’ interior decoration.

With a fascinating storyline, players will experience the life of an actual pastry shop owner and learn interior decoration and management skills to develop their shop in Bakery Shop Makeover MOD APK (Unlimited Money).

Vivid characters

The main character is Emily, designed to be lively and full of personality. She is a young girl who loves art and interior decoration, is passionate about cakes, and wants to turn her shop into a unique and impressive destination. Emily is energetic and friendly and continually seeks ways to help others.

In addition to Emily, the game features many other characters, including the store employees, customers, and Emily’s friends. Each character has its personality and quirks, giving the game a variety of colors and richness.

In addition, the cakes and decorations in the store are also designed very vividly and delicately. Players can choose items, decorations, and furniture to create a unique and attractive pastry space.

All the characters and items in Bakery Shop Makeover mod (Unlimited Money) 1.3.0 are designed with eye-catching colors and exceptionally dynamic features, creating a positive and exciting experience for players.

Become a great designer

Bakery Shop Makeover APK is a game suitable for interior design and decoration enthusiasts. Players will experience and learn many skills needed to become a great designer in the game.

First, players must manage the store’s finances and make intelligent business decisions. Financial management is critical in running a pastry shop and business practice.

Next, the player must design and decorate the store to attract customers. Players must learn about arranging furniture, choosing colors, decorating, and creating unique and attractive pastry spaces.

Finally, players must search for and update the latest products to meet customers’ needs and keep the store full and diverse.

With the skills and knowledge learned from Bakery Shop Makeover, players can apply it in practice to become great designers and manage a successful pastry shop.

Immerse yourself in the sweet world

Bakery Shop Makeover is a fun and rewarding game for interior decoration and business enthusiasts. Players can become great designers and run a successful pastry shop by learning financial management, interior design, and decoration skills. With the richness and variety of decoration styles and engaging storyline, Bakery Shop Makeover APK mod (Unlimited Money) promises to bring players a fun and creative experience.