Block Mortal Survival Battle

Block Mortal Survival Battle MOD 1.60 Auto skip wave level APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameBlock Mortal Survival Battle
PublisherAeria Canada
Version1.60 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesAuto skip wave level
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedMarch 15, 2024 (3 months ago)
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Introduce about Block Mortal Survival Battle

Block Mortal Survival Battle MOD APK (Auto skip wave level) – a challenging action game and thrilling battle for survival in a unique cube world! In this game, you will enter an uncompromising battle where you must use your fighting abilities to survive in dangerous environments and confront fearsome enemies.

Block Mortal Survival Battle is a third-person action game where you will experience the ultimate fighting battles and find a way to survive in a challenging world. Use your martial arts skills, combine attacks and defenses to defeat your opponents, and survive.

In Block Mortal Survival Battle, you will explore the environment, including hell, harsh desert, and dense forest. Search for resources, collect items, and improve equipment to increase your strength and combat ability. In addition, you will also meet and fight with terrifying giant monsters.

Block Mortal Survival Battle gives you an immersive and thrilling experience. Prove your fighting skills, create strategies, and ensure survival in this uncompromising war.

Fight with powerful characters

In addition to having a unique appearance, your character also possesses various skills and characteristics. Depending on your choice, the character can be a mighty warrior with cosmic power, a skilled sworder with quick attacks, or a mage who can summon powerful spells.

Your character will face many challenges and dangerous enemies in the fierce battle for survival. Use your skills, weapons, and gear to fight and survive in harsh environments.

Diverse and Brutal Assassins – Weapon Discovery

In Block Mortal Survival Battle, you will be equipped with various weapons, from swords, axes, and bows to guns and energy weapons. Each weapon has a unique fighting style and unique damage ability. You can choose a weapon to suit your playing style, from close and powerful attacks to ranged and versatile attacks.

Weapons in Block Mortal Survival Battle also have an upgrade and customization system. You can increase the power and effectiveness of your weapon through upgrades and changes to factors such as damage, attack speed, and range. In addition, you can also change the appearance of weapons by customizing colors, textures, and other accessories, creating a personalized and unique weapon.

You must fight and face terrifying forces and dangerous enemies during the game. Weapons play an important role in protecting and surviving in this dangerous world. Discover, collect, and wield potent weapons against your enemies and win dramatic battles.

Fascinating storyline

In the plot of Block Mortal Survival Battle APK, you will find yourself facing a world invaded by monsters and dark forces. You will take on the role of a heroic character who wakes up from his slumber and realizes that the world around him has changed dramatically.

You will have to explore the lands occupied by monsters, learn the truth about their origins and fight to defeat them. On your journey, you will meet diverse and unique characters, each with their own story and ready to offer you help or challenge.

The plot of Block Mortal Survival Battle will take you through many different lands, from gloomy jungles and scary caves to ruined cities and barren deserts. You will have to learn and solve mysteries, find precious items and fight powerful monster bosses to progress further in the plot.

Get ready to face dangerous situations, difficult decisions, and intense confrontations in the plot of Block Mortal Survival Battle MOD APK. With your character’s growth and progress, you’ll discover more aspects of the world and the ongoing war.

Survival Battle – Survive and Rise in Bloody Battle

On the bloody journey of Block Mortal Survival Battle, you have participated in the battle for survival, facing cruel enemies and defeating all challenges. With bravery and outstanding fighting ability, you have risen and become a survivor in this bloody battle.

On your way, you have to fight dangerous opponents in harsh environments. Using your weapons and fighting skills, you defeated the enemies and won the tough battles. You have become increasingly skilled with each battle and show patience and bravery.

You have found essential pieces to stay alive and forward on this challenging journey. You’ve built a strong base, gathered resources, and built a community. Your trusted teammates have become an essential source of encouragement and support to help you through any challenge.

Finally, after bloody confrontations, you have become the last survivor. You have proven your strength and resilience in this fight. Your existence becomes a symbol of struggle and hope in a dangerous world.

Although the battle is over, the journey of survival never stops. Stay confident and ready to face any challenges in the future. In Block Mortal Survival Battle MOD APK (Auto skip wave level) on MODAPKOKI, you are the protagonist in the incredible story of survival and rise in the bloody war!