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Block Puzzle MOD 1.3.7 High Reward APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameBlock Puzzle
PublisherGame BOY
Version1.3.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesHigh Reward
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle MOD APK (High Reward) of Game BOY is one of the classic video games associated with many people’s childhood. Released in 1989 by Nintendo, Block Puzzle quickly became a phenomenon and attracted millions of gamers worldwide. With fun sounds, and addictive gameplay, this Game has created a trend and become an icon of the Game BOY handheld console generation.

Block Puzzle requires players to arrange and delete blocks in the play space to form complete rows. Blocks, consisting of simple shapes such as squares, L-shaped, T-shaped, and Z-shaped, will fall from top to bottom, and the player must quickly move, rotate and place them in the correct position. Every time a row is completed, it will disappear, and the player will receive the corresponding score. The Game aims to clear as many rows as possible and keep the playing space from overflowing.

Block Puzzle gives players engaging experiences and intellectual challenges. Requiring flexible thinking, strong ability, and quick reaction, this Game has become one of the most popular games. It is often mentioned regarding childhood and happy memories with the Game BOY.

Although decades have passed, Block Puzzle still retains its charm and attracts the attention of modern generations of gamers. With the development of technology, the Game has appeared on many different platforms and has become an icon in video games. Let’s look back to the past and rediscover the simple yet intense beauty of Block Puzzle on Game BOY!

Improve your thinking ability with Brain Training

Brain Training is a unique mode integrated into Game BOY’s Block Puzzle game to help players improve their thinking ability and develop their brains effectively. By using blocks to form vertical rows or columns, players will have to nickname their jobs and test their wits.

Brain Training in Block Puzzle requires players to think logically, can shape and analyze space and apply a flexible strategy to match the blocks. Players will face increasingly complex challenges as the blocks appear randomly and create holes that require a delicate arrangement.

Besides enjoyable entertainment, Brain Training also brings many benefits to players. First, it helps to improve the ability to think logically and enhances the ability to focus and manage time. Second, this training also develops spatial analysis and visual thinking, enabling players to think creatively and solve complex problems in everyday life.

With Brain Training in Game Block Puzzle, players can experience an exciting game and train and develop their thinking and brain abilities in a fun and exciting way.

Challenge your mind and earn real money

But the exciting thing is that you win and accumulate points and have the opportunity to earn real money from this Game!

In Block Puzzle MOD APK (High Reward) on MODAPKOKI, you will get bonus points and corresponding bonuses every time you complete a row or a column. The bonus points will gradually increase with the number of rows or columns you have stacked and also create the opportunity to earn more. You can check the leaderboard to see if you can climb to the top.

However, the unique feature of Block Puzzle is the ability to withdraw real money from the Game. Once you accumulate a certain amount, you can start funds to your account through safe and reliable payment methods. Play smart and get the most rows and columns to earn more bonuses and real money withdrawals!

Game BOY’s Block Puzzle offers a great combination of fun puzzle gameplay and real money opportunities. This game is suitable for beginners and those familiar with the series of real money games. Enjoy relaxing moments and, at the same time, earn real money with Game BOY’s Block Puzzle today!

Endless experience with thousands of challenging levels

With thousands of different levels, this game will bring you hours of fun and never-dull entertainment.

In Block Puzzle APK, your task is to arrange square blocks of different sizes into a grid of squares to form complete rows or columns. When you complete a row or column, the blocks will disappear, and you will get a score. The ultimate goal is to remove as many blocks as possible and score the highest possible.

With thousands of levels, Block Puzzle takes you on a journey through increasingly complex challenges. At first, the levels will be manageable and help you get used to the gameplay. However, as you progress to higher levels, the challenge increases significantly. You must arrange the blocks intelligently and quickly not to fill the grid.

Each new level in Block Puzzle has a different grid layout and requires logical and strategic thinking. You must consider carefully, predict and decide correctly to succeed. If you get stuck, don’t worry; the Game also provides hints and the ability to swap blocks to help you overcome complex challenges.

Overcoming mental challenges

Players will become more proficient and confident in solving complex thinking challenges by arranging the blocks smartly and strategically. Not only that, the ability to focus and manage time is also significantly improved during the Game.

The Block Puzzle game not only entertains you but also brings many tangible benefits to the development of the brain. With a harmonious combination of challenge and fun, this game is not to be missed for those who love intellectual training and want to discover their potential.

Join Block Puzzle Mod 1.3.7 of Game BOY and become a master at building blocks and developing your thinking and brain.