Combat Assault: SHOOTER

Combat Assault: SHOOTER MOD 1.61.5 Menu, Godmode/Onehit/Unlimited Ammo APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameCombat Assault: SHOOTER
Version1.61.5 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, Godmode/Onehit/Unlimited Ammo
SupportAndroid 4.1
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 1, 2023 (12 months ago)
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Introduce about Combat Assault: SHOOTER

Combat Assault: SHOOTER MOD APK (Menu, Godmode/Onehit/Unlimited Ammo) is one of the most notable first-person shooter (FPS) titles available today on mobile platforms. The game has attracted millions of gamers worldwide. In Combat Assault: SHOOTER, players will play as professional fighters, confront dangerous terrorists and must destroy them to protect the world. With many attractive game modes and diverse weapon systems, Combat Assault: SHOOTER promises to bring players challenging and exciting battles.

Learn about various weapon systems

Each weapon in Combat Assault: SHOOTER has unique characteristics and abilities, such as damage, rate of fire, accuracy, and range. Players can customize and upgrade weapons to increase their power and accuracy, making defeating their opponents in battle easier.

Combat Assault: SHOOTER’s weapon system also provides players with various options in different game modes, from team battle mode to solo to mission mode. Heavy weapons such as self-propelled fortresses and fighters are used to support teammates or attack targets from a distance.

With a diverse and rich weapon system, Combat Assault: SHOOTER gives players a diverse and dramatic shooting experience while maximizing the power and capabilities of each weapon.

Discover and upgrade unique skills

You will experience a series of special tactical skills that will help you become an invincible fighter on the battlefield. With the ability to customize and upgrade your skills, you will become stronger, more proficient and fight more effectively in missions and battles.

Combat Assault: SHOOTER offers a variety of skills for you to choose from and develop. You can choose attack skills such as precision sniping, throwing grenades or using explosive weapons. In addition, you can also choose defensive skills such as increasing endurance, countering or creating a protective ring. Support skills such as light adjustment, healing and regeneration will also help you maintain existence and support teammates on the battlefield.

Skill upgrading is also significant in increasing the ability and strength of the character. By killing enemies, completing quests and collecting rewards, you can collect skill points and level up. These skill points can be used to improve and unlock new skills, increasing their effectiveness and healing time.

Becoming a professional fighter in Combat Assault: SHOOTER APK requires you to master and make the most of special skills. Customize and upgrade your skills, apply them strategically, and shine on the battlefield to become an invincible warrior.

Progression through the ranks

In this game, the player will start at the first level and progress through the different ranks to become a mighty warrior.

  1. Experience Points: Each time a player performs a quest or kills an enemy, they will receive some experience points. When reaching specific points, players will level up and receive valuable rewards.
  2. Gold Coins: Gold coins buy new equipment and weapons, improve skills, and upgrade characters. Players can earn gold coins by completing quests or selling unnecessary items.
  3. Equipment and Weapons: Players can upgrade and use different equipment and weapons to improve their character’s strength and stamina. New weapons and equipment will be unlocked as players level up.
  4. Skills: Players can upgrade their character’s skills, including strength, stamina, movement speed, and shooting ability. These skills are improved by killing enemies and completing quests.

As players progress through the ranks, players will have the opportunity to experience new features and unlock valuable items, weapons and equipment to become a powerful and perfect fighter in Combat Assault: SHOOTER.

Explore the vast world on diverse maps

The map in Combat Assault: SHOOTER APK mod includes many different areas, from modern cities to wild and dangerous lands. Players can move freely on the map and search for essential items, weapons and resources to strengthen their characters.

In addition, the map is also home to dramatic and challenging matches. Players can participate in squad matches or singles to challenge opponents worldwide. Combat Assault: SHOOTER’s diverse map system promises to give players a great experience and constantly push the limits of their combat abilities.

Receive daily rewards from gift chests

Besides the dramatic matches, the game offers the player a daily reward chest. You can open this gift chest daily to receive many attractive rewards, including coins, diamonds, new guns and other items. Each daily gift chest has different rewards, so you always have a chance to get special rewards every time you open the chest. Moreover, logging into the game daily will give you an extra special bonus for every consecutive login day. With a daily gift chest feature, Combat Assault: SHOOTER allows players to receive many valuable rewards, helping them improve their equipment and skills to win matches with opponents worldwide.

Fight against terrorism

In Combat Assault: SHOOTER, you have experienced dramatic and thrilling action battles. From fiery city clashes to daring rescue missions on varied terrain, you have shown outstanding fighting ability and become a true warrior.

Combat Assault: SHOOTER has brought you a great gaming experience. You used modern weapons, from the powerful AK47 to the precision sniper rifle, to destroy your opponents and protect your teammates. Each match is full of chaos and requires quick reflexes and smart tactics to win.

Combat Assault: SHOOTER offers a wide variety of game modes, from the exciting single mode to the challenging online fighting mode. You can enjoy competition in PvP matches and seek fame and glory on the global leaderboard. Besides, the squad mode allows you to cooperate with other players to defeat powerful enemies and achieve common goals.

Not only has a variety of weapons and game modes, Combat Assault: SHOOTER also gives you the opportunity to customize and upgrade your character. You can choose unique equipment, skills and costumes to create the perfect personal warrior.

With this game, you have experienced thrilling battles, explored diverse maps and become a respectable warrior. Combat Assault: SHOOTER has provided you with a unique and amazing experience in the world of action shooting. Keep fighting, winning and becoming the true champion in Combat Assault: SHOOTER MOD APK (Menu, Godmode/Onehit/Unlimited Ammo) on MODAPKOKI!