Cuties MOD 11.7.697 Free Reward APK

Posted by Bui Thao
PublisherCeltic Spear
Version11.7.697 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesFree Reward
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedJune 10, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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  • V1: Free Reward
  • V2: Unlimited Money (No reduction when spending)
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Introduce about Cuties

Cuties MOD APK on MODAPKOKI – This is an exciting mobile game where you will discover many lovable and fascinating characters. You will be mesmerized by the sweet and lovely images of the little animals and go on memorable adventures with them.

In the world of Cuties, your task is to help our pet characters overcome challenges and explore new lands. You will need to find pairs and go on exciting quests to collect valuable ingredients and progress further in the game.

Do a quiz

Puzzles in Cuties often involve arranging and moving Cuties on a maze or a playing board. The main goal is to place the Cuties in the correct positions to form patterns or groups of similar Cuties. This often requires attention to detail, analytical skills, and the ability to plan.

Each puzzle has constraints and limitations, like the number of moves or the time limit. You have to think logically and quickly to figure out how to solve the puzzle within the time limit and the allowed number of moves. Sometimes the puzzles also have a hurdle element, with blocks or immovable objects.

The puzzles in the game Cuties have increasing difficulty, from simple puzzles in the early levels to complex and thought-provoking puzzles in higher levels. This brings challenge and variety to the gaming experience, helping players never get bored.

Moreover, the game Cuties also offers unique puzzles and the test of time. You can participate in daily or weekly events to try more challenging puzzles and compete with other players on the leaderboard.

Hundreds of levels

The levels in Cuties Mod have increasing difficulty, from simple and easy puzzles to complex challenges and require your eye and logical thinking. You will have to find a way to move and arrange the Cuties so that it is reasonable to complete the goal of each level. The time and number of moves can be limited, so you must think carefully and make intelligent decisions to achieve the highest score.

Along with increasing difficulty, the game Cuties levels will expose you to new and exciting environments. You’ll explore jungles, deep oceans, harsh deserts, and many other locations, each offering a different experience and unique challenges.

Moreover, the game Cuties also offers exceptional levels in which you have to face climactic battles with powerful and complex monsters. To pass these levels, you nemustse all the skills and tactics you have accumulated along the way.

With hundreds of attractive and diverse levels, Cutie’s game will bring you hours of fun and challenging gameplay. Get ready to face puzzles and explore new levels to become a champion in Cuties!

Complete mission

Each mission sets a specific goal that you need to achieve. These goals can involve completing puzzles, reaching a particular score, collecting a specific number of Cuties, or achieving a remarkable achievement at a level.

When you complete a mission, you’ll be rewarded with coins and perks, like unlocking new Cuties collections or unlocking new features and game modes. By completing missions, you also have the opportunity to reach more difficult levels and experience new challenges in the game.

Different levels organize the tasks in Cuties MOD APK (Free Reward) gradually increases in difficulty. This brings continuous progress and challenge to the player. You will feel the excitement and excitement when completing complex tasks and overcoming the challenges that lie ahead.

In addition, Cuties also has special missions and limited-time events. You can participate in daily or weekly events to challenge yourself and compete with other players on the leaderboard. This gives extra excitement and a chance to earn extra special rewards.


During construction, you can build and upgrade structures such as houses, trees, bridges, streets and other areas. Each building can provide different benefits to the Cuties, such as providing refuge, a focal point for social activity, or simply enhancing the vitality and beauty of the area.

You need resources like money and building materials to build and upgrade buildings. These resources can be obtained through completing quests, winning races, or visiting different locations in the world of Cuties. You can also trade resources with friends in the game to help each other in the construction process.

In addition to building buildings, you can also improve the surroundings. By planting trees, decorating your garden or rearranging natural elements, you can create an exciting and unique living environment for your Cuties. Each change in the environment can affect the Cuties’ emotions and mood, helping to create a great living environment for them.

Building in-game Cuties APK is aesthetically beneficial and creates a diverse game and interactive space. You can explore buildings and surroundings, interact with your Cuties and participate in social activities in the world of Cuties.


The game has different types of rewards, providing unique benefits and experiences for players. One of the most common types of rewards is coins, which are in-game currency that can be used to purchase items, upgrade buildings and equipment, or unlock new features. Coins can be earned by completing quests, participating in events, winning races, and gathering resources.

In addition, players can also receive special items, such as unique items, crafting materials, or new Cuties cards, to expand their collection. These specials can help enhance Cuties’ powers and abilities and open up new gameplay opportunities.

The rewards can also be achievement levels or rankings in events or races. The best players can get special rewards, like precious items, coins or even a new Cutie character.

Explore the lovely and magical world with Cuties

With bright images, lovely characters and exciting adventures, Cuties will bring you moments of relaxation and imagination. Enter the colourful world of Cuties, discoverable little animals, collect ingredients and experience unique battles. We will create memories and a wonderful world for the Cuties characters. Ready to explore and experience this exciting game? Let’s start your adventure now in Cuties APK mod (Free Reward)!