Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle MOD 15.0 Unlimited Coins/New Mine APK

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NameDragon Castle
PublisherTap Pocket
Version15.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins/New Mine
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJanuary 12, 2024 (5 months ago)
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1. Unlimited Coins (never decrease when you spent)
2. New Mine (make it even don’t have any coins)

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Introduce about Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/New Mine) on MODAPKOKI is a 2-4 player strategy board game developed by NSKN Games and published by Horrible Guild. Chinese and Japanese castles inspire the game and incorporate European architectural style elements.

In Dragon Castle, players will create beautiful and powerful castles by constructing buildings, palaces, towers and other buildings. They must mine resources and recruit legendary creatures to help them build more vital castles.

The game aims to get the most points to become the winner. Players can gain points by building beautiful buildings, gaining important terrain areas on the board, and gaining points from other players through battles.

Dragon Castle is a challenging and tactical game that offers players an exciting and varied experience. It also has an excellent visual and sound background, which adds to the game’s appeal.

Various types of dragons

In Dragon Castle, players can recruit different types of dragons to help build their castles to become stronger. Here are some types of dragons depicted in the game:

Fire Dragon: Fire Dragon can spit fire and cause significant damage to enemies.

Lightning Dragon: Lightning Dragon can spray lightning and damage many opponents.

Ice Dragon: Ice Dragons can spray ice, reducing their speed and strength.

Sand Dragon: Sand Dragon can attack from a distance and can deal significant damage to enemies from a distance.

Water Dragon: Water Dragon can spray water and drift or slow down.

Tsunami Dragon: Tsunami Dragon can spit out powerful tsunamis, significantly damaging surrounding opponents.

In addition, there are other types of dragons in the game, such as Divine Dragons, Dark Dragons, Feng Shui Dragons and Devil Dragons. Each type of dragon has its characteristics and different strengths, giving players many other options and tactics to use in the game.

Power Upgrading

In Dragon Castle APK, players can upgrade the power of their castle by constructing buildings, palaces, towers and other buildings to enhance the strength and combat ability of the court. These buildings provide players different benefits and must be built and exploited intelligently to maximize efficiency.

Players can also recruit legendary creatures, such as dragons, to help increase the castle’s power. Different types of dragons have their skills and abilities, so players need to choose carefully to optimize their tactics.

In addition, players can also gain points by gaining a position on the table. Controlling key locations allows players to dominate and control the opponent’s activities.

These power-ups give players plenty of opportunities to develop their tactics and strengthen their castles, helping them win the game.

Many special levels

Each level has different requirements and challenges, requiring players to have the right skills and tactics to win.

Some exceptional levels in Dragon Castle APK mod include:

Castle Upgrade Level: Players must strengthen their castles to fight the evil forces.

Dragon Battle Level: Players must fight vicious dragons to protect their castle.

Challenging Levels: Players will face more complex challenges requiring more tactics and skills.

Arena level: Players will face off against other opponents in a tough battle that requires players to have good skills and tactics to win.

In addition, the game also has many different levels with diverse requirements and challenges, helping players have interesting and attractive experiences.

Valuable reward

These rewards allow players to upgrade their castles and strengthen their dragons and generals.

Some of the valuable in Dragon Castle APK 15.0:

Gems: As a rare resource in the game, runes can be used to upgrade castles and other types of buildings, helping players increase the power of their courts.

Legendary Dragons: These unique dragons are considered valuable items in the game. These dragons have unique strengths and skills, helping players increase the strength of their army.

Powerful Generals: Players can acquire powerful generals in the game to help strengthen their army and win battles.

Special Items: In Dragon Castle, players can also win special items such as badges, gold keys, and spells, which help them increase the strength and combat effectiveness of the army.

These special rewards Trick the player to strengthen the castle and his army, help them win the game and become the best player.

Be the king of Dragon Castle

Dragon Castle is an exciting strategy game that plunges players into a magical world of surprises and challenges. You can use clever tactics and create a powerful army to fight the evil forces and win. With valuable rewards and diverse exceptional levels, Dragon Castle will be an interesting and exciting game for those who love the strategy game genre. Let’s become the king of Dragon Castle MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/New Mine) and conquer all challenges to win!