ExoMiner MOD 1.3.15 Unlimited Money/Relics/Science Points APK

Posted by Bui Thao
Version1.3.15 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Relics/Science Points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJune 9, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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Introduce about ExoMiner

ExoMiner MOD APK is a fun and exciting open-world adventure video game. In the game, players will be extraterrestrial resource miners and experience challenging adventures on planets and space objects. ExoMiner has attracted many gamers worldwide. This game is also a way for players to discover and learn about rare resources on different planets and how to exploit resources sustainably and efficiently. If you love science fiction and want to experience exciting adventures in space, ExoMiner is an excellent choice.

Show your leadership in Empire Building.

In ExoMiner, the player is a resource miner and a talented leader in building and developing his Empire. Players must use their management and strategic abilities to grow their Empires, from making mining facilities and workshops to managing human resources. In addition, the research and development of new technologies are also essential in building a strong and sustainable empire in space. Show your leadership in ExoMiner and make a massive empire in the area!

Remnants of unexplored planets

In ExoMiner, players will explore countless planets in the universe. However, not all worlds have been discovered or have traces of life. As an explorer, players must explore new worlds, find resources and solve their mysteries. In addition, players also have to face different challenges, such as exploring hot planets, flint planets, or even facing dangerous creatures. With Planets to Explore, players will have exciting and challenging experiences in ExoMiner.

Enjoy success

In ExoMiner APK, as players overcome challenges and discover new planets, they will collect more resources and money to upgrade equipment and develop more. Players can use the money to buy new equipment such as drills, train staff, or enhance the flying ability of spaceships. With upgraded equipment and the ability to meet more demanding challenges, players can enjoy their success in exploring new planets and finding valuable resources. Enjoying success in ExoMiner is not just about getting a good score but also about the satisfaction and happiness of completing challenges and discovering new things in the universe.

Increase profits and advance quickly with manual work

In the game ExoMiner APK mod, crafting is not only a fun activity but can also give players attractive yields. Crafts, from spaceship decorations to character enhancements, can be sold or used by players to enhance their equipment.

Crafting products is profitable for players and helps them advance quickly in the game. Players can explore new lands and collect more valuable resources using crafts that strengthen their character. This allows the player to become stronger and challenge more difficult challenges in the game.

In addition, crafting products also gives players a new and exciting experience. Players can create their products and become good artisans in the game.

So, crafting is not just a fun activity, but it also brings many benefits to players in ExoMiner, from profits to advancement and novel experiences.

Materials needed

Different materials can be mined on other planets in the game, with each material having properties and applications.

Here are some essential mining materials in ExoMiner APK 1.3.15:

Titanium is a rigid metal used to make durable constructions and tools.

Uranium: A radioactive element used to produce energy.

Iron: A prevalent and essential metal used to construct buildings and tools.

Copper: A malleable, good conductor of electricity used to make wires and electronic devices.

Silicon: A non-metallic element used to make electronic chips and other electronic devices.

Magnesium: A light metal used to create lightweight components and structures of aircraft and cars.

Lithium: A soft metal used to manufacture lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones and laptops.

Gold: A precious metal used to make jewellery and electronic devices.

Silver: Another precious metal used to make jewellery and electronic devices.

Platinum: A scarce precious metal used in high-tech applications such as antioxidant materials and in the manufacture of automobiles.

The above materials can be mined from different planets in the game ExoMiner. Players must learn and exploit them intelligently to succeed in ExoMiner MOD Unlimited Money.

Explore the world of space with ExoMiner.

With ExoMiner, players will experience an exciting sci-fi world. From mining resources on different planets, building a mighty empire in space, and uncovering the universe’s secrets, ExoMiner has brought players marvellous and unforgettable experiences. ExoMiner promises to satisfy even the most demanding gamers. Get ready to be a talented resource miner and space leader with ExoMiner MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Relics/Science Points)!