Family Hotel: love & match-3

Family Hotel: love & match-3 MOD 10.15 Menu, Unlimited Currency APK

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NameFamily Hotel: love & match-3
Version10.15 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Currency
Price FREE
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UpdatedJune 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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Introduce about Family Hotel: Love & Match-3

This is not just a simple game but also an emotional journey that combines the dramatic element of hotel management with the excitement of “match-3” battles. With this unique combination, Family Hotel: love & match-3 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Currency) has created an entirely new genre of game, immersing players in an adventure full of challenges and endless joy.

In the game, you’ll step into the shoes of Emily, a passionate hotel owner, and inherit a worn-out hotel from her grandfather. Your task is to restore and rejuvenate the hotel with new beauty and allure, attracting travelers worldwide. Simultaneously, you’ll assist and interact with intriguing characters at the hotel, listening to their personal life stories, thereby forming special relationships and sincere emotions.

Significantly, the blend of management aspects and “match-3” battles isn’t merely about rapid hotel development; it creates fascinating logical puzzles that demand your thinking and creativity. The “match-3” battles won’t just be challenges but opportunities to showcase your skills and strategies in resolving difficult situations within hotel management.

Assisting the Characters

In Family Hotel: love & match-3, you won’t just play the role of a skilled hotel owner but also become a reliable friend who listens and supports characters full of emotions and complexity. Each character at the hotel has their own stories, dreams, and unique aspirations, and you’ll have the chance to connect with them through small gestures and genuine care.

Emily – The dedicated and passionate hotel owner. You’ll experience life’s ups and downs along with her, helping her overcome difficulties and sharing small joys in everyday life.

Edward – The former hotel owner, leaving a legacy for Emily. Despite his passing, his memories and advice remain with Emily, helping her tackle challenges.

Liam – The talented chef with a passion for culinary arts. You’ll work alongside him to create delicious and captivating dishes to satisfy customers and follow his culinary art journey.

Catherine – A talented artist with beautiful paintings. You’ll assist Catherine in rediscovering her passion for painting and exploring new aspects of her art.

And many more characters – At the hotel, you’ll encounter numerous diverse characters, each with unique stories waiting for you to discover and assist.

Interacting and aiding these characters will propel you further in the game and foster valuable emotional connections between you and them. Get ready to experience the stories behind each character and feel the genuine moments in Family Hotel: love & match-3 APK!

Situational Puzzles

While developing and managing the hotel, you’ll face various situations, from improving facilities to resolving personal conflicts and creating the best experiences for customers.

Building and decorating: You’ll need to decide how to build and decorate each room in the hotel. This requires creativity to create comfortable and appealing spaces, considering financial factors and the ability to attract customers.

Conflict resolution: Characters at the hotel might have personal conflicts and disagreements. You’ll act as a mediator, trying to resolve conflicts and offer reasonable solutions to maintain harmony.

Meeting customer needs: Customers will have specific requests and desires. You need to be flexible and find ways to meet every need, from preparing special meals for them to organizing individual events.

Emergency response: In urgent situations like fires or power outages, you’ll need to make quick decisions to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

Financial management: Operating the hotel also requires financial management skills. You must balance investing in facilities and earning profits to develop the hotel.

The situational puzzles in the game will immerse you in interesting, challenging, and diverse scenarios. You’ll need to demonstrate intelligence and creativity to solve each problem successfully, building a hotel that overcomes all difficulties and brings joy to you and the characters of Family Hotel: love & match-3 APK mod.

Conversations with Surrounding Characters

Emily – As the hotel owner, conversations with Emily will provide an opportunity for you to learn about her dreams, desires, and challenges she’s facing. Emily often shares her thoughts on hotel management and personal life.

Edward – Appearing as a talented former hotel owner, Edward left behind valuable advice for Emily. Conversations with Edward will help you understand the hotel’s history and receive highly useful suggestions from him.

Liam – Conversations with Chef Liam will introduce you to the world of culinary arts. You’ll share dishes, special recipes, and fantastic cooking tips with him.

Catherine – Conversations with artist Catherine will open the door to the art world. You’ll learn about the inspiration and meaning behind her paintings, along with the challenges artists may encounter.

Customers – Conversations with customers will provide insights into their preferences, desires, and emotions. You’ll strive to understand how to respond appropriately and provide the best experience for them.

Hotel staff – Interacting with hotel staff will give you a deeper understanding of their work and lives. These conversations may reveal touching and fascinating personal stories.

These conversations not only help you feel connected to the characters but also immerse you deeper into the story and life aspects of Family Hotel: love & match-3 APK 10.15.

Decorate Everything Around

Hotel rooms: You can choose different types of furniture, decorations, and interior items to create unique and comfortable rooms for customers. From beds to work desks and chairs, everything can be customized to your preferences.

Reception area: The reception area is where customers first step into your hotel. You can decorate this space to make a positive and impressive first impression on customers.

Restaurant and bar counter: Decorating the restaurant and bar is a way to create a cozy and unique space for customers to enjoy meals and drinks. You can select from a range of tables, chairs, wall decorations, and decorative lights to showcase the restaurant’s style.

Entertainment and conflict resolution areas: Throughout the game, you’ll need to create entertainment and conflict resolution areas for characters. Proper decoration will create a suitable environment for activities and conversations.

Meeting and event rooms: If you decide to organize events or serve regular customers at the hotel, decorating meeting and event rooms is necessary to establish a professional and unique space.

Resting areas and gardens: Apart from indoor areas, you can also decorate outdoor spaces like gardens and resting areas to provide an enjoyable experience for customers in a natural setting.

During the decoration process, you can choose between various types of furniture, decorative items, and colors to create a harmonious combination and express your style. Decoration is about creating a visually pleasing environment for customers and an important part of developing your hotel in Family Hotel: love & match-3 MOD APK.