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Home Run High MOD 1.3.8 Unlimited Money/Items APK

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NameHome Run High
Version1.3.8 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Items
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
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UpdatedFebruary 15, 2024 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Home Run High

Home Run High MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Items) game world, where you will become an actual baseball coach. You will be immersed in the life of a baseball team, building every detail and taking complete control over the development of your team. From selecting and training talented players to designing the perfect stadium, building squad tactics, and participating in exciting matches, your responsibility and creativity will be critical—Decisive factors in the team’s success. Home Run High will give you a great experience building and leading your baseball team. Prepare to take on the challenge, play as a great coach, and lead your team to the most significant victories in Home Run High.

Baseball game

The baseball game in Home Run High is designed with interactivity and variety. You can select and train players with various skills and potential. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each player, you will build a formidable squad and create the right strategy to face other teams.

During the match, you will take control of the team and make important decisions, including how to hit the ball, and offensive and defensive tactics. You must make the right decisions and use the right skills and tactics to defeat your opponents and score the highest.

You can also design and build a unique stadium for your team. Customize the stadium with seating, stages, and other amenities to attract spectators and create the best supportive environment for the team. With a combination of management, tactics, and team spirit, the baseball game in Home Run High will give you intense and emotional matches where success depends on your ability. Your management and leadership. Get ready to go into the game and conquer the pinnacle of baseball in Home Run High!


First, you must select players from the student team and begin their training process. Each player Home Run High APK will have their own factors such as strength, speed, batting, and interception skills. You must carefully consider and select the players with the best development potential to include in the main squad.

Once you have a squad, you will spend time training and improving the skills of each player. There are different types of training, including strengthening, speed, batting, and interception techniques. You can also use particular training subjects to improve specific skills for each player.

Building a good relationship with the player is also very important. You can build bonds by chatting and participating in extracurricular activities with the team. This enhances player loyalty and personal growth.

Through the process of training, players will improve and discover their potential. That is when you will see the team’s development, as the players become more robust, better skilled, and contribute more to the game.


Tournaments in Home Run High APK mod are designed with many different levels, from small school tournaments to major national tournaments. Every tournament requires you to make essential decisions about lineups, tactics, and game changes.

Before starting a tournament, you need to carefully review the squad and choose the right players to participate in. You can also change formation and make changes in the match to deal with more vigorous opponents.

During the tournament, you will face other teams, from the same level to the top teams. The match will take place in real-time, and you will be in charge of the team and make critical decisions such as hitting the ball, substituting, and adjusting tactics.

The team’s performance in the tournament will be recognized through rankings and points. It would be best if you tried to get the team to the top rank and win glorious titles. In addition, performance in the tournament will also affect the reception of resources and support from sponsors. With each successful tournament, the team will improve its reputation and attract more talent. This helps to strengthen the squad and improve the chances of winning in future tournaments.

Game mode

You will take on the role of a coach, managing and developing your team. You can select players, train skills, build tactics, and run extracurricular activities to improve the team’s performance. Each player on your team has different potential. You will spend time coaching and improving the skills of each player. Enhance your power, speed, batting, and interception techniques to make your players powerful and excellent. You can create your own tactics for your team. Build an intelligent batting system that responds well to different situations in the game. Take advantage of each player’s skills and use the right tactics to win.

Besides the matches in Home Run High APK 1.3.8, you can participate in extracurricular activities such as improving health, strengthening team solidarity, and improving the individual level of players. These activities strengthen the bond between team members and bring benefits not only on the football field but also in real life. You will have the opportunity to participate in school and national baseball tournaments. Confront strong opponents, defeat them, and win the glorious title. With each successful tournament, the team’s reputation and ability to attract talent increase.

Build a successful baseball team in Home Run High

In Home Run High MOD APK, you will experience the life of a baseball team coach and build a successful team from scratch. With lovely, exciting gameplay, and resource management, the game gives you a real chance to become an excellent baseball coach. Every decision is in your hands, from selecting and training players, designing stadiums, managing training plans, and participating in intense matches. Show your leadership, build a great team, and reach the pinnacle of the sport. Get ready to be an excellent coach and lead your team to glory in Home Run High MOD APK.