Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon

Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon MOD 1.1.3 Upgrade Costs APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameIdle Farming – Farm Tycoon
PublisherClicker Games
Version1.1.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUpgrade Costs
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedAugust 25, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon

Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon MOD APK is a viral farm simulation game on the mobile platform. In this game, players will experience the life of a real farmer, manage his farm and produce agricultural products to sell to the market.

Players will start with an empty piece of land and some initial resources to start production. From there, the player must find ways to increase the output and income of the farm by buying more crops, raising livestock, and buying tools and equipment to improve production efficiency. In addition, players can also trade their agricultural products to earn more money.

Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon also provides players with many activities such as speed racing, fishing, and water release to earn more money and experience exciting rural life.

The game is designed in an Idle game style, meaning players can continue to earn even when not playing, creating an enjoyable and convenient gaming experience for busy players.

Hire a manager to supervise the work

When the player hires a manager, they are automatically supervised and manage the production activities on the farm. This manager automatically harvests and sells agricultural products, takes care of livestock, and takes care of crops.

Hiring a manager helps players save time and increase income quickly. Players can also upgrade the manager’s skills to increase production efficiency and revenue.

However, hiring a manager also requires players to have enough money to pay their salaries. In addition, players need to pay attention to enhancing security and security for their farms to prevent fraud or profiteering from the manager.

Farm construction

Players can build and manage their own farm in Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon. To make a farm, players need to perform the following steps:

Location selection: Players must choose an empty location on the map to build a farm.

Buy land: Players need to buy land to expand their farms. Players can produce various crops and raise animals as the land grows to increase their income.

Build infrastructure: Players need to build infrastructure such as roads, warehouses, farms, livestock, vegetable farms, etc., for the production and storage of agricultural products.

Buy Plants and Pets: Players must buy crops and pets to start producing on their farms. Players must carefully manage the number and types of crops and livestock to optimize production efficiency.

Farm care: Players need to care for their farm by watering, fertilizing, harvesting products, taking care of livestock and checking the health status of crops and animals.

Through construction and management, players will have a developed and efficient farm, bring high income and experience interesting rural life.

Explore and expand the land

Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon APK on MODAPKOKI exploring and expanding the land is an attractive feature that helps players develop their farms to increase productivity and income.

Players can expand the land by buying more vacant land next to their farm or exploring new areas on the map. Each new site will have different crops and animals, allowing players to increase their income and diversify farm production.

However, expanding the land requires the player to have enough money to buy land and upgrade the infrastructure on the farm. Players must manage their finances carefully to avoid running out of money when expanding the land.

Besides, exploring new areas on the map also requires players to achieve a certain level of progress in the game. This helps players to fully enjoy the game experience and increases the fun of playing.

Make a lot of money

In the game Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon, making a lot of money is one of the player’s primary goals. To earn a lot of money, players can do the following activities:

Production of agricultural products: Players can grow crops and raise animals to produce agricultural products. Each type of crop and pet will have different values; players need to manage the amount and type of farm products to optimize profits.

Buy and sell goods: Players can buy and sell agricultural products to earn money. Buying and selling will depend on the price and demand of the market; players need to observe and analyze carefully before making a decision.

Upgrade infrastructure: Upgrading the infrastructure on your farm will help players increase productivity and production efficiency, thereby earning more money.

Join events: In the game, there will be events held periodically; players can participate to earn more money and valuable rewards.

Buy and use support items Support: The game provides support items such as fertilizers, pesticides, machines, etc., to help players increase production efficiency and earn more money.

However, to make a lot of money in Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon MOD APK (Upgrade Costs), players must manage their finances carefully and use intelligent business strategies.

Become a successful Farm Tycoon in Idle Farming

In the game Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon, you will experience life on the farm and learn how to manage a successful agricultural business. Planting trees, raising animals and producing agricultural products will help you earn a lot of money to upgrade the farm and expand the land. However, to become a successful Farm Tycoon, you must manage finances, allocate time and use intelligent business strategies. Only when achieving your business goals and taking your farm to the next level will you truly become a successful Farm Tycoon MOD APK. Join and experience Idle Farming – Farm Tycoon Mod 1.1.3 today!