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Impostor Academy MOD 1.42 Unlimited Money/Upgrades APK

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NameImpostor Academy
Version1.42 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Upgrades
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedAugust 25, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Impostor Academy

Impostor Academy MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Upgrades) is an online multiplayer video game developed by Pixelbets Studio. This game is inspired by the famous game Among Us but with some changes and improvements.

In Impostor Academy, players will take on the role of cadets of an impostor training school, where the trainees will learn how to become sophisticated impostors so they can complete their spoofing missions. Future. However, among those practitioners, some players are real fakers and will try to assassinate other practitioners while keeping their identities secret.

This game has many different modes, including single-player mode (versus) and team-play mode, allowing players to experience the Different ways to play to challenge and improve skills. In addition, the game also has a skill and equipment upgrade system, allowing players to customize and develop their character as they wish.

Interesting evolution

Impostor Academy has an exciting and diverse character evolution system. When joining the game, players will start with a simple and essential character. Then they will have the opportunity to upgrade and customize their character through completing quests and collecting points.

Impostor Academy’s character evolution system has three main branches: Strength (Power), Endurance (Endurance) and Intelligence (Intelligence). Each of these branches represents a different type of skill, and the player can enhance them to enhance the character’s abilities in the game.

In addition, Impostor Academy also provides players with a wide range of equipment and accessories to customize the character, including capes, hats and other items. This equipment not only helps players customize their character but can also provide unique benefits and skills for the nature, depending on the type of equipment.

In short, the system of evolution and character customization of Impostor Academy MOD APK is very diverse and exciting, helping players to develop their characters at will and enhance their in-game abilities.

Increase strength

Here are some ways to increase the power in Impostor Academy APK:

Power Upgrading: In Impostor Academy’s evolution system, players can enhance their character’s strength by using experience points to upgrade attributes such as attack power, stamina, and movement speed. And the ability to attack from a distance.

Use equipment and accessories: Impostor Academy provides players with various equipment and accessories that enhance the character’s power, such as guns, bombs, drones, and other items.

Practice and train: In single-player or team mode, players can practice and practice skills, enhancing the strength of their characters.

Enhance skills: Impostor Academy also provides players with various skills to enhance the character’s strength, such as high jump, fast running, attack with maximum power and many more.

150 types of traitors

In Impostor Academy APK mod, there are up to 150 different types of traitors, and this is one of the factors that makes Impostor Academy so exciting and attractive.

The types of traitors in Impostor Academy are divided into two main categories: Impostors and Traitors. Impostors are players who pretend to be party members and try to kill all other members, while Traitors are party members assigned to betray and aid Impostors.

Here are some examples of traitors in Impostor Academy:

Impostors: These are players who pretend to be party members and pretend to perform missions. They try to kill all the other members without being detected.

Traitors: These are team members assigned to betray and support the Impostors. Their mission is to cause chaos and help the Impostors kill all the other members.

ers: Traitors capable of ing into the system and causing problems in the game. They can help Impostors kill all the other members quickly on MODAPKOKI.

Spy: Traitors who monitor the activities of group members and report back to Impostors.

Assassin: Professional traitors who use weapons and combat skills to destroy other members.

In short, Impostor Academy has up to 150 types of traitors, creating variety and fun in the game. Players must be careful and together find a way to determine who is the Impostor or Traitor to protect themselves and win.

Get amazing rewards and earn money automatically

Impostor Academy is a free-to-play Battle Royale game. However, players can get many great rewards and earn money automatically through in Impostor Academy APK 1.42.

Participate in events: Impostor Academy regularly organizes events to attract players. Players can participate in these events to receive many valuable rewards, including skins, costumes, in-game items, and cash.

Complete quests: Impostor Academy also offers quests for players to complete. As players complete these missions, they’ll be rewarded with experience points, skins, costumes, in-game items, and cash.

Buy and sell items: Players can buy and sell in-game items to earn money. Expensive items like skins and costumes can be sold for a higher price, helping players make more money.

Advertising: Players can get paid to see ads in the game. If players watch the required number of ads, they will be rewarded with money or in-game items.

Refer a Friend: Players can refer the game to their friends and get rewards when friends register and play the game.

In a nutshell, Impostor Academy offers many opportunities for players to get great rewards and earn money automatically. Players can participate in events, complete quests, buy and sell items, view ads, and refer the game to friends to receive rewards.

Work together with your teammates to conquer the Impostor Academy

Impostor Academy is a thrilling and exciting Battle Royale game. With beautiful, vivid sounds and unique gameplay mechanics, this game will surely please gamers who love the Battle Royale game genre. Along with more than 150 types of traitors, players will experience a thrilling battle to conquer the Impostor Academy. Especially with many opportunities to get great rewards and automatic earnings, Impostor Academy offers excellent gaming experience and helps players increase their income in life. Join this game on your teammates to become the champion of Impostor Academy MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Upgrades).