Infinite Design

Infinite Design MOD 3.5.6 Unlocked APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameInfinite Design
PublisherInfinite Studio LLC
Version3.5.6 (Latest)
CategoryArt & Design
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 7.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Infinite Design

Infinite Design MOD APK is an innovative and robust application developed by Infinite Studio LLC. This is a perfect graphic design tool for those passionate about art and looking for a creative platform to express their talents and ideas.

With Infinite Design, your creative power knows no bounds. This application allows you to draw, shape and edit graphics with great precision and flexibility. You can unleash your creativity with powerful tools like brushes, shapes, layers, and many more unique features that help you realize your unique ideas.

With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, Infinite Design lets you control every detail of your work. You can adjust the size, color, and transparency and arrange the elements of your painting precisely and subtly. The application also supports advanced features such as editing history, cloud storage, and quick sharing of your work with friends and the online community.

Not only the ability to design 2D, Infinite Design also allows you to explore the rich 3D space. You can create unique 3D shapes, objects, and models using virtual reality simulation tools. This opens up a new world of creativity and allows you to work on unique, groundbreaking projects.

With Infinite Design, there are no limits to your ideas and creativity. This app prepares you to discover and express yourself through art and Design. Download and experience Infinite Design today, and prepare for an endless creative adventure.

Explore thousands of innovative features

With Infinite Design, you will discover an endless world of innovative features and powerful tools. Here are some outstanding features that this application brings:

Professional drawing tools: Use multi-purpose brushes and brushes to create smooth or sharp strokes, giving your work precision and vibrancy.

Wide range of shape tools: Infinite Design provides a diverse collection of shapes you can add to your work, from basic shapes like circles, squares, and lines to shapes. More complex, like triangles, stars, and more.

Layers and Masks: Use layers and masks to create multi-dimensional and robust effects in your work. Arrange, group, and treat layers separately to adjust and edit individual elements quickly.

Edit Color and Transparency: Adjust color, transparency, and lighting in your work with powerful color adjustment tools. Create unique color effects and bring sophistication to your work.

Unlimited Editing History: Infinite Design keeps your entire edit history, allowing you to roll back any changes and re-edit your work confidently and efficiently.

Cloud integration and easy sharing: Store your work in the cloud and share it quickly with friends and the online community. Explore other creative works and access them from any device.

Explore 3D Space: Go beyond 2D and challenge yourself in 3D. Create unique 3D shapes, objects, and models with virtual reality simulation tools in Infinite Design.

With thousands of innovative features and tools, Infinite Design is a perfect platform for art and design enthusiasts. Download the app today and explore your endless creative possibilities.

Become the number-one artist

A powerful creative tool for those who are passionate about painting and want to become top artists in digital painting. With the platform of the same name, Infinite Design gives users an unlimited possibility to express their creativity and absolute freedom in drawing and designing.

With this app Infinite Design APK, you can explore a wide range of advanced tools and features, such as brushes, pencils, oil paints, watercolors, and more, which help you create quality works of art. High. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, Infinite Design allows you to create smooth and precise strokes, from simple freehand lines to complex paintings and vivid perspective designs.

You can create and store hundreds or thousands of your works with unlimited storage. Infinite Design will become your trusted companion, from personal painting to professional art projects.

In addition, Infinite Design also offers the ability to share your work with a worldwide community of artists. You can showcase your work, get feedback from like-minded people, and even seek opportunities to collaborate with other artists. With Infinite Design, all limits exist only in your mind.

Become a true artist with Infinite Studio LLC’s Infinite Design app. Explore your creativity, paint unique masterpieces, and bring your art to people around the globe.

Unlimited creativity with a fantastic interface

Infinite Design’s interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, providing a great user experience. With a clean layout and clear icons, you’ll find the tools and functions you need without difficulty.

Infinite Design APK mod application supports many layers and powerful drawing tools, allowing you to create unique images and designs. The flexible interface of the application allows you to easily adjust elements such as color, size, opacity, transparency, and many other properties, allowing you to customize and create with absolute freedom.

You can draw and edit images in detail with precise and flexible drawing tools. The interface is smooth and responsive, allowing you to create fine lines and details without difficulty.

In addition, Infinite Design’s interface also integrates convenient features such as cloud storage, artwork sharing, and cross-platform device compatibility. This makes it easy to access and work on the app from any device you want.

In short, the Infinite Design app’s excellent interface makes it smooth and easy to enjoy the art creation process. With it, you can create unique works and express your creative ideas freely.

Great visual editing

One of Infinite Design’s unique features is its intuitive editing capabilities, allowing users to make immediate changes to their drawings easily and naturally. Users can move, rotate, scale, and resize shapes, borders, and color areas by swiping and tapping on the screen. This saves time and increases interactivity, allowing users to immediately see the results of their changes without resorting to complicated tools or intermediate steps.

Besides, Infinite Design APK 3.5.6 offers a wide range of powerful tools for drawing and editing, including brushes, color layers, shadow effects, and more. Users can create delicate and detailed strokes, apply special effects, and combine multiple layers to create multi-dimensional animations.

To enhance the editing experience, Infinite Design also supports working across multiple devices and platforms. Users can start a project on a mobile phone and then continue editing on a tablet or desktop computer. Data is synchronized automatically, allowing users to continue their work without a hitch.

With the Infinite Design application, Infinite Studio LLC has created a powerful and flexible tool that brings users the most intuitive and creative editing experience. Whether you are a professional artist or a digital art lover, Infinite Design will become a trusted companion in your creative journey.

Unlimited shaping power

With unlimited creative expression and imaginative freedom, you can create unique works of art and share them with the world.

With Infinite Design, there is no concept of “impossible” or limitation of time and space. You will have unlimited creativity; becoming the number one artist is only a matter of time and dedication. Discover your limitless potential, draw and design unique masterpieces, and become a great artist in the digital world of Infinite Design.

With Infinite Design, the road to artistic success is not as far away as before. Start today and become a true artist with the unlimited modeling power of Infinite Infinite Design MOD APK (Unlocked) on MODAPKOKI!