Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem MOD 15 Unlimited Money/Purchase APK

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NameMajor Mayhem
Publisher[adult swim] games
Version15 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Purchase
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJune 13, 2024 (1 week ago)
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Introduce about Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Purchase) on MODAPKOKI is a third-person shooter video game developed by game developer Adult Swim Games. The game was initially released in 2011 for mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

In Major Mayhem, players take on the role of Major Mayhem, a special forces soldier with outstanding strength and shooting ability. The player’s mission is to destroy opponents and rescue Major Mayhem’s girlfriend while facing a series of criminals, gunmen, and enemy armies attacking the city.

Major Mayhem games mainly focus on fast, action, and fun gameplay. Players will be involved in chaotic battles and defeat opponents through guns, grenades, and other special weapons. Besides fighting, players must also identify and avoid attacks from enemies to protect their lives.

Major Mayhem features a variety of levels and challenges, from catching criminals to rescuing hostages and killing final bosses. During the game, players can earn points and money to upgrade weapons, buy new equipment, and unlock special skills that increase Major Mayhem’s combat capabilities.

Until now, Major Mayhem has had a follow-up version called “Major Mayhem 2”, which expands with new content and features for players to explore and challenge.

45 levels of action

Major Mayhem has 45 different action levels for players to explore and overcome. These levels give players variety and challenge while increasing complexity and game speed.

Each level in Major Mayhem introduces a new landscape, including cities, deserts, forests, and military bases. Players will face attacks from each level from gunmen, enemies, and final bosses.

Players must skillfully move and shoot down opponents during the game to protect their lives. The player can use various weapons, including rifles, pistols, machine guns, grenades, and more, to achieve the goal. These weapons can be upgraded during the game to increase their strength and ability to destroy enemies.

Each level also has specific objectives that the player needs to complete, such as killing a certain number of enemies, protecting hostages, or completing missions within a limited time. Achieving this goal will earn players points and coins to unlock new content, upgrade weapons and equipment, and improve Major Mayhem’s combat.

The levels in Major Mayhem require players to react quickly, skillfully manage resources, and have the right strategy to overcome increasingly complex challenges. The various levels and challenges ensure that players have fresh and exciting experiences throughout the game.

Four game modes

Major Mayhem APK offers players four different game modes to challenge and enjoy:

Campaign Mode (Campaign Mode): This is the game’s primary mode; the player will go through a series of levels arranged in sequence. The player’s goal is to complete the mission and get the highest score in each level. The Campaign Mode provides a seamless story and takes the player through various environments in Major Mayhem’s journey.

Hunting Mode (Arcade Mode): This mode has seamless and unlimited play. Players will face a series of random attacks and try to survive as long as possible. The goal is to get the highest score and rank high on the global leaderboard.

Single Duel Mode: This mode allows players to challenge characters controlled by the computer directly. Players will confront powerful opponents and try to defeat them in intense fighting battles.

Multiplayer Versus Mode: This mode allows players to participate in online multiplayer matches. Players can face off against friends or other players around the world. This mode creates real competition and challenge as players try to overcome other opponents to become the winner.

The game modes in Major Mayhem offer a wide variety and engaging experiences for players, ranging from exciting story traversal in Campaign mode to chaos and cohesion in Hunting and Duels mode. position in Singles mode, and challenge opponents in multiplayer mode

150 mini-quest objectives

In Major Mayhem APK mod, players will face 150 mission objectives throughout the game. These goals are specific challenges that the player needs to complete to get ahead in the game and achieve high achievements. Here are some examples of in-game mission objectives:

Kill a certain number of enemies: Players will be tasked with killing a certain number of gunmen, enemy troops, or enemies in each level. This goal usually comes with a time limit or a requirement not to get injured.

Hostage Protection: At some levels, the player must protect the hostages from being killed by gunmen or criminals. The mission is to ensure the hostage survives within the allotted time or until a specific goal is reached.

Destroy Final Bosses: The game pits the player against tough final bosses. The player aims to defeat them by finding clever attacks and defenses to take down the boss.

Get high scores: Some missions require the player to achieve a certain number of points to complete. Players can earn points by killing opponents, collecting coins, or completing combos or consecutive kills.

Unlock New Weapons and Equipment: This goal requires players to earn enough in-game currency to unlock and upgrade new weapons, gear, and special skills for Major Mayhem. Unlocking new items helps players have better strength and fighting ability.

Unique arsenal

Here are some examples of special weapons in Major Mayhem APK 15:

Machine gun: This weapon has a fast rate of fire and high accuracy, helping players create a continuous stream of fire to destroy opponents. Machine guns usually have great destructive power and long range.

Grenades: Grenades are high-fire explosive weapons that help players destroy multiple opponents or create mass destruction. This is often very useful when facing groups of enemies or high-powered targets.

Rifles: Rifles are precision weapons, often used for shooting from a distance. They are optimally designed to destroy opponents from long distances and feature precise targeting.

Pistol: Pistol is a weapon with high destructive power and the ability to destroy from a distance. They usually have a strong attack power, especially effective against vital targets or ultimate bosses.

Explosive Weapons: Major Mayhem offers special explosive weapons besides traditional guns. These can be bombs, missiles, or other explosive devices, which help the player create widespread destruction and destroy large targets.

Each Major Mayhem weapon has features and advantages, helping players adapt and use appropriate tactics in each situation.

Strength and non-stop action

In Major Mayhem, players will experience a dramatic and exciting action adventure. With 45 levels of various activities, four exciting game modes, and a unique arsenal of weapons, the game offers players an unforgettable experience. Get ready to fight to the end with Major Mayhem, use your power and abilities to win, complete quests, and become a hero in this relentless war. Are you ready to face fierce challenges and prove your abilities? Today, let’s start your journey and explore the world of color and great action in Major Mayhem MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Purchase)