Metal Wings

Metal Wings MOD 6.7 Unlimited Money/God Mode APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameMetal Wings
Version6.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/God Mode
SupportAndroid 4.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Metal Wings

Metal Wings MOD APK on MODAPKOKI is an action game with an epic atmosphere and challenging journey. You will play as a warrior with a heart of steel, possessing destructive weapons and unmatched combat ability. Get ready to fight in the air, destroy your enemies and be a hero in the battle against destruction. Open the door to a dramatic space adventure and immerse yourself in the Metal Wings.

Game mode

The primary game mode is “Campaign”, where you will participate in thrilling action missions and explore different areas. Each mission has its own goals and challenges, from destroying enemies, landing safely, and defending the base to destroying giant monsters. You must use skills, quick reflexes and innovative tactics to complete the missions and go further in the campaign.

In addition to the Campaign mode, Metal Wings offers an “Endless Mode” mode, where you will face a constant wave of enemies and try to survive as long as possible. This is your chance to challenge yourself and see if you can get the best score in an ever-changing environment.

The “Boss Mode” game mode confuses you with dangerous final bosses. You must discover their weak points while dodging dangerous attacks to win.

In addition, Metal Wings also offers other game modes such as “Time Attack” to challenge the ability to complete the mission in the shortest time and “Multiplayer” (Multiplayer mode). ) for you and your friends to participate in the exciting space war.


First, you will have the primary machine gun available, with a fast rate of fire and the ability to deal continuous damage. Use the machine gun to destroy the enemies that appear in your way and gain an advantage in battle.

In addition, you can also upgrade your gun to increase its power and efficiency. There are weapon variations, such as submachine guns, bullet pistols, or energy beam guns, to choose from and use.

Moreover, Metal Wings Mod provides unique and consequential weapons such as rockets, explosive bombs, and lasers. These weapons can deal massive damage and kill multiple enemies at once. Depending on the situation and goals, you can choose the right weapon to maximize your killing ability. Furthermore, you can also find and collect in-game support items such as ammo boxes, fuel jars, or protectors to provide additional power and protection in battle.

Sight system

First, you’ll have a basic auto-aim to aim and shoot at enemies easily quickly. Auto-aim keeps bject on track as you move, helping you focus on navigating your battleship and dodging obstacles.

In addition, Metal Wings gives you free aim, allowing you to adjust the direction of the shot more precisely and flexibly. By moving your finger across the screen or using the joystick, you can freely adjust the direction of the shot and focus on specific targets.

Moreover, the aiming system combines special weapons such as missiles and lasers. When using these weapons, you can focus on the target and activate precision aiming to ensure an accurate and effective attack.

With this flexible and diverse aiming system, Metal Wings MOD APK (Unlimited Money/God Mode) allows you to customize how you aim and attack according to your style. Use your quick and precise aiming to become an invincible fighter in the air.


You will have a flexible and agile character, capable of moving smoothly in the air and dodging attacks. This flexibility allows you to deal with dangerous environments and formidable opponents.

In addition, your character also can shoot accurately and use powerful weapons to destroy enemies. You will have the opportunity to upgrade and customize your weapons to increase their power and kill ability.

Moreover, your character also can collect and use in-game support items, such as fuel jars, to regenerate energy or shields to increase strength and protection.

Each character in Metal Wings has unique skills and abilities, ranging from special abilities such as high jump, fast attack, or strong defence. You can choose the character that suits your playing style and maximise their unique abilities.

With unique traits and abilities, your character will become an irreplaceable hero in the fight against hostile forces in Metal Wings APK. Get ready to battle and show your talent to win tough battles.

Experience the thrill of the space battle in Metal Wings

With Metal Wings, you will experience an adventurous and dramatic journey in the air. Immerse yourself in a world of intense space battles, side by side with teammates and confront fearsome enemies. Metal Wings will bring you moments of great entertainment and full of challenges. Prepare for a memorable space adventure and become the ultimate fighter in the sky in Metal Wings MOD Unlimited Money!