My Basketball Career

My Basketball Career MOD 2.21 Unlimited Cash/Stamina/Perfect Accuracy/Dumb Opponent APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameMy Basketball Career
PublisherRollic Games
Version2.21 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Cash/Stamina/Perfect Accuracy/Dumb Opponent
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 9, 2023 (12 months ago)
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Introduce about My Basketball Career

My Basketball Career MOD APK (Unlimited Cash/Stamina/Perfect Accuracy/Dumb Opponent) is a simulation sports game developed by Rollic Games. In the game, the player will become a basketball player and start his career from a young player to become a superstar in the basketball world.

Players will have to go through different challenges, such as playing basketball in youth leagues, participating in local companies, finding and training young talents, and partici,pating in major tournaments. like NBA or FIBA World Cup.

My Basketball Career is an exciting and attractive game for those who love the sport of basketball and want to become a professional basketball players.

Improve your throwing skills

In My Basketball Career, players can improve their pitching skills through practice and playing matches.

In the practice section, players can choose exercises to improve their pitching skills, including long-distance pitching, accurate pitching into the hoop, and focusing on pitch speed and power. Players must do these exercises to improve their pitching skills and get high scores.

In matches, players must use their throwing skills to win for their team. They can choose from various pitching styles, including 3-pointers, one-handed pitchers, and two-handed team throws. Players must decide how to throw the ball that suits their position on the field and avoid opponents to get the highest score.

In addition, players can improve their pitching skills by upgrading player characteristics, including strength, speed and accuracy. As this feature enhances, players can throw the ball harder, faster and more accurately, helping them beat their opponents and win.

Compete with opponents

Players must have good throwing skills and quick reactions on the field to compete with opponents.

In My Basketball Career APK, players will face off against other players with their skills and characteristics. Players need to choose the right way to play to defeat the opponent. This may include focusing on offence or defence, taking advantage of scoring opportunities and preventing the opponent from scoring.

In addition, the player can also use the player’s unique skills to create an advantage in the match. For example, they can use the “crossover” ability to pass an opponent or the “block” ability to stop the opponent from throwing the ball.

In matches, the score will be calculated based on the number of points scored by each team. Players must score higher than their opponents to win and advance to bigger tournaments.

Earn bonus

Major tournaments like the NBA or the FIBA World Cup will offer great bonuses if players achieve good results. In addition, players can also participate in local contests to earn money and improve their skills on MODAPKOKI.

In matches, players will receive bonuses if they win and score more points than their opponents. This bonus will upgrade player characteristics and buy new costumes and other in-game items.

In-game challenges also provide bonuses if the player completes them. For example, if a player completes a 3-point pitching exercise in the shortest time possible, they will receive a corresponding prize.

Players can earn various bonuses in My Basketball Career APK mod through multiple activities and use these bonuses to enhance player characteristics and improve their skills.

Learn many new skills while practising

In My Basketball Career APK 2.21, players can learn new basketball techniques and skills in the practice section, including pitching, ball control, passing, and defence. Players can apply these skills in battle to defeat their opponents.

In addition, players can also learn how to use the player’s unique abilities, including acceleration, high pitch or defence. These abilities will give the player an edge in the match and win.

The exercises focus on increasing the player’s strength, speed and flexibility, helping the player to become stronger and better in matches.

Finally, during practice, players can also learn how to increase focus and patience to succeed in basketball and life. All these skills will help players become confident and booming in both game and life.

Improve your basketball skills with My Basketball Career

My Basketball Career is a fun and engaging sports simulation game for basketball lovers. From training, playing matches and earning bonuses, players can improve their basketball skills and become soccer superstars.With beautiful and realistic simulation gameplay, My Basketball Career MOD APK (Unlimited Cash/Stamina/Perfect Accuracy/Dumb Opponent) will be an exciting and rewarding player experience.