My Home Makeover

My Home Makeover MOD 6.1.1 Unlimited Money APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameMy Home Makeover
PublisherHoly Cow Studio
Version6.1.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJune 12, 2024 (1 week ago)
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Introduce about My Home Makeover

My Home Makeover MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI is a simulation game that helps players unleash their creativity and decorate their houses in style. In this game, players will be architects and must find a way to make the old house new and more beautiful.

With many different levels, My Home Makeover allows players to decorate and design each room in the house, such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Players can use decorations, furniture, and colors to change the space and create a unique style. In addition, the game also provides players with image editing tools to create beautiful images and share them with friends.

My Home Makeover is an exciting and entertaining game for those who love interior design and want to decorate their house in their style.

House design

House design is one of the most attractive functions. Players will be put into the architect role and have the opportunity to design and decorate a new house.

The player can choose an empty house blueprint on the game’s main screen and start designing. Players can choose different rooms and begin customizing the interior elements, including colors, decorations, furniture, and window and door styles.

Besides customizing the interior elements, players can also edit the exterior details of the house. This function lets players choose different roofs, windows, walls, and floor materials.

When the design is complete, the player can save or share his plan with friends. This helps players create a unique and creative house in their style. House design is one of the most attractive functions of the My Home Makeover, allowing players to customize every detail in the place to create a beautiful space that fits their style.

Express yourself

Self-expression is a function that allows the player to customize their character in My Home Makeover Mod.

Players can create their character by choosing the hairstyle, skin color, outfit, and accessories. This helps the player make a unique character that fits his style.

In addition, players can also change the character’s costumes and accessories throughout the game. This helps players express their creativity and create different outfits to suit different contexts in the game.

The Express Yourself function also allows players to change the character’s background and icons, helping to create a colorful and unique play space.


Renovation is the fascinating function of My Home Makeover MOD APK (Unlimited Money), which allows players to modify and renovate old houses into entirely new places.

At the start of the game, the player will be given an old house to start modifying. Players can change the colour of the walls, repaint the doors and windows, renovate the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, change the furniture, decorate, and add artistic details to create a new space life.

Besides changing the interior, players can also renovate the house’s exterior. They can change the color of the doors, repaint the roof, create a new garden or yard, and even create a whole new campus.

The player’s job is to renovate dilapidated houses and transform them into new, sophisticated, and responsive homes. After completing the repair, his customers will evaluate the player and receive bonuses for shopping for more furniture and other decorations.

Interior style

My Home Makeover APK’s interior style is diverse and rich, allowing players to express their creativity and preferences.

Players can choose from various styles, such as modern, classic, traditional, nordic, Mediterranean, etc. Each type has its characteristics, from colors, furniture styles, decorations, accessories, and artistic details.

The modern style has a simple, minimalist look with neutral colors, straight lines, and angles. Meanwhile, the classic style has intricate decoration, handcrafted furniture details, and a polite, classy style.

Nordic style combines wood and metal materials, and the furniture is sturdy and robust, creating a comfortable, cozy, and friendly space. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean style features warm colors, handcrafted furniture, decor with natural materials, and simple details.

Besides the traditional styles, My Home Makeover allows players to be creative and combine techniques to create a unique and separate living space.

Build your dream home with My Home Makeover

Building a dream house is a beautiful function in the game My Home Makeover, which allows players to design and build a house according to their wishes.

Players can choose from many different house designs, from simple-story houses and luxury villas to modern apartments. After that, players can design and arrange the rooms in the house themselves, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and office.

Players can choose the furniture and decoration style to suit their preferences, from the color and style of furniture to the details of art decoration. To create a perfect home, players must also take care of the technical details, including installing the lights, connecting the electricity, building the water supply system, and arranging the right furniture.

A unique feature of My Home Makeover’s dream house-building function is allowing players to save and share their designs with others in the gaming community. This helps players to exchange and share experiences, as well as hone their building and design skills.

The dream house-building function of My Home Makeover APK mod (Unlimited Money) allows players to unleash their creativity, create a perfect house according to their wishes, as well as share and learn from experience.