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Oxford Vocabulary MOD oxford.2.8.2 Premium Subscription Unlocked APK

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NameOxford Vocabulary
PublisherLT Software - AppForYou
Versionoxford.2.8.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesPremium Subscription Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
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UpdatedJanuary 30, 2024 (5 months ago)
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Introduce about Oxford Vocabulary

Oxford Vocabulary MOD APK (Premium Subscription Unlocked) is designed to help you learn English vocabulary uniquely and effectively. One of the world’s leading publishing organizations, this application offers an interactive and stylish vocabulary learning experience, making it easy and enjoyable for users to expand their vocabulary effortlessly. The app provides thousands of words accompanied by examples and real-life contextual usage. The intelligent training system within the app helps learners efficiently grasp vocabulary through various tests, games, and diverse exercises. Additionally, the local voice recording feature allows users to practice grammar and pronunciation, facilitating the development of communication skills.

Explore thousands of high-quality English words

The app immerses users in a diverse world of vocabulary with regularly updated, carefully selected words from reliable sources. Each vocabulary entry includes illustrative examples and contextual usage, enabling learners to understand how to use the words in real-life situations. From everyday phrases to specialized terms, users can confidently navigate any communication scenario.

The app focuses on helping learners build and reinforce knowledge through interactive quizzes and creative games, creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment. Oxford Vocabulary makes vocabulary learning easy and fun, instilling confidence and success in English language usage.

Interactive ưuizzes and games

The app creates an interesting and appealing educational environment. Learners memorize vocabulary through traditional methods and engage in educational games and interactive quizzes, adding fun and challenge to the learning process. Logic games, language puzzles, and short quizzes help users effectively test their knowledge and keep the learning experience fresh.

The quizzes are designed to reflect both newly acquired vocabulary and existing knowledge, allowing learners to track personal progress and consistently improve language skills. Furthermore, games and quizzes stimulate critical thinking and creativity, making the learning process vibrant and meaningful.

Listening practice and pronunciation reflex

The app sets a new standard for learning English vocabulary by integrating a local voice recording feature, providing a multidimensional and realistic learning experience. This feature helps learners improve listening skills and focus on accurate pronunciation. Users have the opportunity to practice and compare their local accents with sample recordings available in the app.

Through voice recording practice, users hone accurate pronunciation skills and can confidently participate in real communication situations. By combining real-life context and local voice recording ability, Oxford Vocabulary APK elevates vocabulary learning to new heights, becoming a powerful aid in developing language and communication skills.

Enhancing communication skills

Each vocabulary entry is introduced through definitions and illustrated examples in everyday situations, allowing learners to immediately apply them in dialogues, daily communication, or professional settings. This builds a strong connection between vocabulary and its context of use, making the vocabulary learning process flexible and applicable.

The app supports learners by providing real-life situations, from daily life to professional work, making vocabulary learning useful in writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Oxford Vocabulary APK mod helps learners become flexible and confident English users in various situations.

Track progress and receive personalized exercises

The app’s intelligent training system helps track progress and suggests personalized exercises based on users’ needs and skill levels. Using a modern and flexible learning approach, the app evaluates learners’ current vocabulary skills and recommends suitable exercises to reinforce and expand their knowledge.

The progress tracking system helps learners identify strengths and weaknesses, optimizing the learning process and ensuring continuous improvement. Oxford Vocabulary APK oxford.2.8.2 helps learners save time and provides a flexible and personalized learning experience. The intelligent training system is a reliable companion in the vocabulary learning journey, ensuring that learners achieve the best results in the most suitable way for them.

Choose learning themes

Learners have the option to choose learning themes from various fields, ranging from medicine to social sciences, providing a diverse and rich learning experience. This feature helps learners build in-depth vocabulary knowledge in their areas of interest.

Learning vocabulary in the context of different themes allows learners to apply their vocabulary in various daily life and work contexts. The diverse vocabulary browsing feature makes the app a comprehensive knowledge source, encouraging curiosity and creativity in the learning process. Oxford Vocabulary MOD APK helps learners master vocabulary and broaden their thinking and understanding of the world around them.