Raid: Dead Rising HD

Raid: Dead Rising HD MOD 1.3.1 Unlimited Money/Energy APK

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NameRaid: Dead Rising HD
PublisherHummingbird Mobile Games
Version1.3.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Energy
SupportAndroid 4.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Raid: Dead Rising HD

Raid: Dead Rising HD MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) on MODAPKOKI is an action survival game developed by the game developer in the US, Blue Box Game Studios. The game was released in 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

In Raid: Dead Rising HD, players will play as Frank West, an investigative reporter tasked with exploring a shopping mall in Colorado where a zombie epidemic has broken out. Players will have to find a way to survive and defeat a series of zombies while solving puzzles and performing quests to progress to the end of the game.

Battlefield of resistance

Combat Arena is one of the most attractive features of Raid: Dead Rising HD. This is where players can challenge other opponents worldwide to test their fighting ability.

In the Battlefield, players will be brought into a dramatic survival match. Players face many opponents in each game, including bloodthirsty zombies and characters playing from afar. Players must use their fighting skills to destroy their opponents and win.

Players’ achievements on the Battlefield will be recorded on the global leaderboard, allowing them to compete against other players worldwide and prove their skills. This feature brings players joy and helps them improve their fighting ability and become better players in Raid: Dead Rising HD.

Various weapon systems

With more than 100 different weapons for players to choose and use in the fight against zombies. There are classic weapons such as guns, knives, sticks, swords, hammers, crowbars, and some weapons that need to be assembled before use. In addition, players can also use in-game items such as balls, wine bottles, gas cans, or even things like meatballs, grass scythes, wedge plates, and even electric fans to attack.

Besides, Raid: Dead Rising HD mod (Unlimited Money/Energy) 1.3.1 also provides players with special weapons such as lasers, rocket launchers, flamethrowers or super heavy weapons. Each weapon has features and characteristics, allowing players to choose the right gun for their situation and tactics.

Players can upgrade and customize their weapons using in-game items to increase their attack power and speed. With a diverse and rich weapon system, players can freely choose and customize their tactics in the fight against zombies in the game Raid: Dead Rising HD.

Character customization

Raid: Dead Rising HD APK has a rich character customization system, allowing players to create a unique character that fits their style.

Before playing, players can choose their gender, skin colour, hairstyle, clothes and other accessories for their character. They can also create their names and descriptions for their characters, making the gaming experience even more, fun and unique.

Besides, players can collect various items during the game to enhance the character’s abilities. For example, they can find new clothes to change into or find foods to increase their health. In addition, they can also find unique items to enhance the character’s strength and movement speed or things that help the surface fight the zombie virus in the game.

Players can also upgrade their character’s skills by gaining experience and killing zombies. When characters reach a certain level, they can unlock new skills, making them stronger and more effective against zombies.

More interesting mini-games

One notable mini-game is “Zombie Killing Spree”, in which the player must kill as many zombies as possible in a given time. Each turn will have a different score, and players can compare their results to those on the global leaderboard.

The mini-game “Zombie Tag” is also exciting, in which the player will have to run away from the chasing zombies. If touched by a zombie, the player will become a zombie and must continue to chase other players. The game ends when only one player remains.

The mini-game “Deadly Dance” is also remarkable in which the player must move along drawn lines to avoid attacking weapons coming from all over the place. This game requires players’ agility and good reflexes.

In addition, Raid: Dead Rising HD APK mod (Unlimited Money/Energy) also has many other mini-games such as “Zombie Bowling”, “Zombie Golf”, “Zombie Slot Machines”,… All of them bring exciting and diverse entertainment moments For players.

Fight scary zombies in Raid: Dead Rising HD

In the game Raid: Dead Rising HD, becoming the top sniper is one of the goals of many players. To achieve this goal, players need to master combat skills and use weapons effectively.

Raid: Dead Rising HD is an action game with a dramatic, attractive zombie theme. You will be a hero in the game and fight against the scary zombie horde. You will use advanced weapons and unique skills to fight zombies and rescue survivors.

You can also upgrade your weapons and skills to increase your strength and combat ability. Moreover, in the game, there are many different missions for you to complete and help your character progress. With Raid: Dead Rising HD, you will experience a dramatic adventure and confront the zombie horde. Download Raid: Dead Rising HD MOD Unlimited Money and become a famous zombie warrior in this terrifying world today!