Shooting Ball

Shooting Ball MOD 1.0.159 Unlimited Lives APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameShooting Ball
Version1.0.159 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Lives
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJune 8, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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Introduce about Shooting Ball

Shooting Ball MOD APK is a simple but fun and exciting video game. In this game, the player controls a ball and tries to get it into the empty holes to earn points.

The game is divided into several levels, from easy to complex, with each group having different holes and positions. Players must calculate the height, shot angle and thrust to get the ball into the hole.

In addition, the game also has support items such as bombs, ball upgrades and unique balls to help players pass more difficult levels.

Challenging puzzle levels in Shooting Ball game

Difficult puzzle levels in Shooting Ball, MOD APK game, include:

Easy Level: This is the first and most accessible level of the game. Players need to throw the ball into the hole without too much strategy.

Medium Level: The difficulty of this level is much more incredible than the easy one. Players need to calculate the incline and speed of the ball to throw into the hole.

Difficult Level: This is very challenging and requires players to have a perfect strategy. You must throw the ball into the hole correctly and at the right time to get a high score.

Super Hard Level: This is the most complex level of the Shooting Ball game. Players will face sophisticated challenges and require exact skills and calculations.

With different difficulty puzzle levels, Shooting Ball gives players extra fun and challenging experiences, helping them develop intellectual skills and enhance concentration.

Enhance shooting skills

Here are some essential skills that you need to learn to become a successful Shooting Ball player:

Hand control: You need to control your hand correctly to get the ball into the hole. Hand control requires concentration and patience. You can practice by playing similar games or using special training techniques.

Assess the distance: When playing Shooting Ball APK mod, you need to assess the space from your position to the hole and apply the appropriate tilt and shot force to get the ball into the hole. You can practice this skill by playing regularly and experimenting with different inclines and prints.

Focus and patience: Shooting Ball requires concentration and patience to correctly put the ball into the hole. It would be best to focus on the target and not let other factors affect the firing process. Patience is essential because you must consistently practice and hone your skills to become a good player.

Use special techniques: Many unique techniques can help you improve your shooting skills, such as hitting the ball with one hand, using different fingers, or using torsion force to create a unique trajectory for the fruit.

Challenging attraction

The billiard effect is a significant factor in Shooting Ball APK on MODAPKOKI, affecting whether the player can get the ball into the hole. Players can create different products to put the balls into the hole with the billiard rod’s moves and rotation.

However, creating billiard effects is not an easy thing. It requires the player to calculate and predict the ball’s path and the strength and direction of a push to make the right effect.

With unique and challenging billiard effects, Shooting Ball will bring players tremendous and exciting experiences.

Discover great relaxation with exciting matches

In Shooting Ball MOD 1.0.159, you will be challenged with exciting basketball matches in which you must overcome obstacles to throw the ball into the basket. Not just an entertaining game, Shooting Ball also helps you practice concentration skills and quick reflexes. You can relax and enjoy your time with exciting matches in Shooting Ball and enjoy the fun of seeing your score higher and higher. Join this game to experience moments of great relaxation and full of fun!

Conquer the challenges

In Shooting Ball MOD APK (Unlimited Lives), players will face challenges such as bullet rpm, moving obstacles, spiral staircase, and more. Players must stay focused and beat these challenges to advance to new levels.

In addition, players can also play with their friends, create competition and challenge each other to see who has the highest score.