Sim Farm

Sim Farm MOD 1.1.3 Unlimited Materials/Free Speed Up APK

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NameSim Farm
PublisherBlue Cartoon Games
Version1.1.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Materials/Free Speed Up
SupportAndroid 4.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Sim Farm

Sim Farm MOD APK on MODAPKOKI – where you will be transformed into a real farmer and explore this excellent farm platform’s colourful and responsible life. In this game, you will experience the joys and challenges of building and managing a prosperous farm, from growing fruit trees and tending livestock to engaging in trade and business. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beautiful farming life and create your fantastic farm in Sim Farm.

Planting and harvesting crops

Plant selection: Before planting a tree, choose the crop you want. Sim Farm game offers various crops such as rice, corn, tomatoes, carrots, fruits and vegetables. Each type of plant has different growing times and environmental requirements, so choose the right plant for your farm conditions.

Soil preparation and seed transplant: After choosing your plants, you must prepare and transplant the soil. You have to identify an open area on the farm and plough the land to create soft ground. You can then transplant the seeds into the soil and wait for the plants to sprout.

Plant care: During growth, plants must be cared for to grow well. You must water the plant in the necessary time and ensure pests or insects do not attack the plant. Sometimes, you need fertilizer to provide nutrients for plants and help increase yield.

Time to grow and harvest: Each crop has its own growing time. During the game, you must wait for the crop to grow big enough and mature before harvesting. When the crop is ripe, you can harvest the product from the tree, such as fruit, vegetables or seeds. Harvested products can be sold for money or used for other purposes on the farm.

Setting up a supermarket

Build a supermarket: First, you must locate and build a supermarket on your farm. You can choose the size and style of the supermarket to match your ideas. In addition, you can also customize and decorate the supermarket to create an attractive space for customers.

Selection of goods: After building a supermarket, you must decide what kind of goods you want to sell. In Sim Farm Mod, you can sell agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk and even honey. Choose the right products for your farm and the needs of your customers.

Product pricing: You need to determine the selling price for each type of product in the supermarket. Consider the balance between securing profits and attracting customers. If the price is too high, customers may not buy, while the price is too low will reduce your profit. Consider the market and customer needs to set the right price.

Merchandise management: Once you have made a sale, you need to track and manage the goods in the supermarket. Ensure you always have enough stock to meet your customers’ needs. You can supply more goods by planting more trees, caring for animals or buying from other farms.

Attract customers

Provide quality products: To attract customers, you need to provide high-quality agricultural products. Ensure your plants and animals are well cared for, free from pests or insects. Harvest products immediately to ensure they are fresh and appealing to customers.

Product Diversity: Offering variety in your product list is also a way to attract customers. Grow and care for various plants and animals to get more new products. Customers often want many options to choose products according to their preferences and needs.

Advertising and Marketing: You need effective advertising and marketing to inform customers about your products. In Sim Farm MOD APK (Unlimited Materials/Free Speed Up), you can use advertising media such as billboards, television, radio or online advertising. Ensure your advertising message is clear and compelling to capture your customers’ attention.

Keep the price reasonable: The product’s price also plays a vital role in attracting customers. Make sure you set a fair and competitive price in the market. Research the prices of other farms and adjust your prices to attract customers without affecting your bottom line.

Build customer relationships: Customers return if they have a good experience with you. Create a friendly and professional environment in interacting with customers.

Expand your business empire

Expand the farming area: To grow your business empire, you need to expand the farming area on the farm. Buying more land or renovating the wasteland can increase the area to grow plants and care for animals. This helps you to produce and sell more products, thereby increasing revenue.

Product diversification: To expand your business empire, you should diversify your product list. Grow more crops and raise different animals to expand the product line. This helps you serve different customers and increase your chances of making a sale.

Build infrastructure: To handle and process products, you must build the proper infrastructure. Build processing plants, warehouses, feed mixing stations or manufacturing workshops. Good infrastructure helps you optimize your production processes and increase productivity.

Expand distribution channels: You should expand your channels to reach more customers. Enter the local market, build retail stores or set up a distribution system to get your products to customers far away. This helps you expand your market and increase sales.

Upgrades and purchases: When your business is successful, you can upgrade equipment and purchase new tools to increase productivity and efficiency. Invest in cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art machinery or quality tools that help you be more productive and reduce work time in Sim Farm APK.

Build and manage a farm in the game Sim Farm

Sim Farm is an exciting and emotional farm simulation game where you experience life as a farmer. From growing fruit trees and raising livestock to building agricultural and commercial facilities, the game offers an adventure full of creativity and responsibility.

Under the guidance of the game, you will learn how to care for the grasslands, till the land, sow seeds and harvest good fruits. You can also raise livestock such as cows, chickens, sheep and many other animals to profit from food production. Through each season and daily work, you will witness the development of the farm and push productivity to new heights.

Not only stopping at managing the farm, but Sim Farm allows you to participate in commercial activities and build infrastructure. You can open shops, restaurants, and food processing establishments and trade in agricultural products to attract customers and generate income.

Sim Farm creates a vivid and engaging farming world. You will feel the change of the environment with the seasons, from the scene of the bright yellow ripe rice fields to the fields of colourful flowers. Soft music and nature sounds will make you feel like you are on a real farm in Sim Farm APK mod (Unlimited Materials/Free Speed Up).