Specimen Zero

Specimen Zero MOD 1.1.1 Menu/ESP/God mode/Unlocked/Speed APK

Posted by Bui Thao

If the game players are passionate about the horror genre, ignoring Specimen Zero MOD APK (Menu/ESP/God mode/Unlocked/Speed) with attractive horror gameplay is impossible, bringing players into many emotional frames.

NameSpecimen Zero
PublisherCafé Studio Games
Version1.1.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu/ESP/God mode/Unlocked/Speed
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedMarch 31, 2024 (3 months ago)
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– [ Player Menu ] –

  • – Godmode // Don’t Take Damage
  • – Fake Hide // Monsters Ignore You
  • – Give All Keys
  • – Give All Equipment
  • – Remove All Planks (Enable Before Game) /// Allows You To Open Doors , Use Player Size To Go Under Them
  • – Bypass Door Code // Exit Code , Just Type Any Numbers
  • – Unlimited Wood
  • – Unlimited Torch Battery
  • – Torch Brightness

– [ Weapon Menu ] –

  • – One Shot Kill
  • – Unlimited Ammo
  • – Fire Rate
  • – Bullet Type

– [ Movement Menu ] –

  • – Telekill
  • – MassKill
  • – Height
  • – Speed
  • – Distance // For TeleKill/MassKill

– [ Fun Menu ] –

  • – Enemy Size
  • – Player Size
  • – Gun Sound

– [ Fun Menu ] –

  • – ESP Lines
  • – ESP Boxes
  • – ESP Health
  • – ESP Distance
  • – ESP Enemy Type

– [ Passives Menu ] –

  • – Everything Unlocked
  • – Removed Create Game Timer
  • – Unlimited Create Game Limits
  • – Tester Panel // Go To Settings -> Tester Tab (In Game)
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Specimen Zero MOD APK is a role-playing action game with horror, adventure, and adventure elements. The game has creepy gameplay and a storyline that brings dramatic experiences to players. In the dark space, players will have to fight monsters that are always waiting for the opportunity to kill themselves. The thing to do right now is to run away and find ways to survive the tragedy. Give yourself a spirit of steel to not panic before any situation.

The maker of Café Studio offers spiritual food for players who love horror survival games combined with adventure and adventure elements. Everything from the setting to the music is rendered terrifyingly and realistically. The game is not for the faint-hearted and weak because throughout the game are dangers that are always near. Just any tiny mistake can lead to the end of life. Man-eating monsters will appear and bring fear to the player.

Download Specimen Zero MOD APK – Explore the deadly scene

The scene is full of death, with the image of an abandoned hospital in Specimen Zero creepily built on 3D graphics. It can be seen most clearly through the rooms covered with dust and covered with cobwebs. Furniture such as tables and chairs are old and not intact. The stains on the walls and the floor covered in blood made everything even more terrifying. Accompanying the cold demonic image is the creepy music. Amidst the murky space, occasionally echoes the roar of monsters. The screams came from nowhere. Download Specimen Zero MOD APK – Explore the deadly scene right now.

Context like a horror movie

The setting of Specimen Zero opens in a hospital that has been abandoned for a long time. Players will play the role of a kidnapped person; nothing is more terrifying than suddenly waking up and finding yourself in a strange place. Amid the monster scene, many creatures have strange and hideous shapes. Their bodies exude filth, stench, and filth. Some of them were gnawing on the undead as if enjoying their meal. Some monsters are on the move and looking for lucrative prey to fill their bellies. Don’t let the bloodthirsty monsters find out if you don’t want to become their delicious meal.

Beginner’s Guide

The player must first learn to control the character to escape the horror hospital. Specimen Zero APK has a minimalistic control panel and is extremely easy for anyone, even a beginner. Press and hold the circle button on the left-hand side of the screen to move the character. On the right side are the keys with the weapon icon, which is the gun, and the flashlight icon with the corresponding function. The down arrow key performs actions for the character to crouch. Now prepare well everything from weapons to spirit to be ready to destroy these scary dark place monsters.

The player’s task in Specimen Zero is to find and solve puzzles. Collect and use in-game weapons to take down fearsome monsters. Note that splints will make a loud noise when walking in a few places with wooden floors. Move gently to avoid making any noise to attract the attention of monsters. They can hear and kill any creature in their path. A small trick is that the player can stoop while looking at the flashlight to see the monster hiding. Move flexibly to avoid being caught by the hospital guards who have become bad guys.

Search for the right weapon to destroy all kinds of monsters

A horror survival game that won’t just run away. To fight and win life under the pursuit of monsters, the player must have weapons in hand. You can choose melee weapons with high flexibility, such as knives, swords, axes… Depending on your preferences, each person can decide on long-range weapons such as rifles, pistols… Choose for yourself a familiar weapon. Use is essential. A forehand weapon in unexpected and dangerous situations will help players react flexibly and handle much faster.

Specimen Zero APK mod builds two weird monsters with different characteristics and levels of danger and damage. One type is a monster that cannot move with a strange appearance without limbs; they have significant damage but are not dangerous. Players can use weapons with long-range damage to destroy them. There is another type with the appearance of hideous sharp claws. They are extremely dangerous when they can move flexibly and rush to attack you by surprise. Melee weapons are the best choice for the second type of monster if the player cannot take them down from a distance.

Use a flashlight, and observe the security camera

The real dangers will always be lurking and waiting in the dark. Where humans can’t see them, they will rush in unexpectedly when given the opportunity. The dark space is where the lighting effect of the flashlight is best supported. Shine the light to gain visibility and spot the monsters hiding in the corner. Use the weapons in hand to knock them down and not give them a chance to get close to you. Always charge the flashlight enough to be prepared for any eventuality.

Hidden corners in corridors or places with limited visibility are monsters lurking. However, it is a miracle that the security cameras still work well in the context of an abandoned hospital. Observing and checking the cameras mounted on the wall in each corridor will help players detect creatures moving through it to get a way to move or hide in time.

Open map

Coming to Specimen Zero APK 1.1.1, players will be free to move to explore all the nooks and crannies of the hospital. It all brings a sense of murky death from a musty warehouse, a sick room, or a cold laboratory. Players can pick up the necessary items or weapons in each different room. However, be careful because monsters that can hide behind doors or in rooms will attack you by surprise. Before opening the door to any room, ensure you can handle all those monsters.

Fight together with friends

Suppose you are a coward, afraid of dark things and strange and hideous creatures, but love adventure and experience horror games. Don’t worry because with online multiplayer, you can invite your friends to play with you to ease your fear. It will be a wonderful experience when two people are kidnapped and thrown into a scary place. Here two people will be together to solve puzzles to find a way out. Work together to fight and protect each other from danger by countless bloodthirsty monsters. Instead of drowning in fear alone, everything becomes much lighter when there is a companion throughout the game.

Specimen Zero doesn’t have fancy action scenes, but it does the job of a horror game with scenes of blood and violence that promise to bring hair-raising horror experiences. Download Specimen Zero MOD APK (Menu/ESP/God mode/Unlocked/Speed) – Fight to live and escape the dark space full of monsters.