Tap Tap Dig

Tap Tap Dig MOD 2.2.0 Unlimited Diamonds/Fossils APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameTap Tap Dig
PublisherIron Horse Games LLC
Version2.2.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds/Fossils
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Tap Tap Dig

Tap Tap Dig MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/Fossils) – you will become a talented archaeologist willing to dig deep into the earth to uncover hidden treasures and earth-shattering secrets. With a peach tree and boundless patience, you will progress from the first hole and gradually become rich and powerful. Get ready to challenge yourself, find countless treasures and become a legendary archaeologist in the mythical world of Tap Tap Dig!

Collect 12 helpers

There are a total of 12 special helpers ready to assist you in your treasure-digging journey. Each helper has unique skills and abilities, which help you progress faster and uncover even greater treasures in Tap Tap Dig.

Mr. Miner: The first helper and companion from the beginning. He is a skillful digger and helps you dig deeper and faster.

Prof. Archaeo: A talented archaeologist, he helps you uncover precious artifacts and terrible secrets underground.

Big John: With unrivaled strength, Big John helps you easily dig through rigid soils.

Boomie: With its powerful explosive skill, Boomie cracks giant rocks and helps you go further in your digging journey.

Speedy Sam: Sam’s strong point is speed. He helps you dig faster and saves valuable time.

Lucky Lucy: With endless luck, Lucy helps you find rarer treasures and increase their spawn rate.

Mr. Buddy: A kind companion, he helps you make more profit from selling treasures and items.

Dr. Driller: With his professional toolset, he helps you dig deeper and expand the area.

Bonus unlock

Unlocking bonuses is an integral part of your digging adventure. You’ll receive incredible bonus milestones as you dig deep and uncover the treasures. However, to receive the bonus, you need to meet specific requirements.

Bonus unlocking requirements may include the following:

Amount of coins: Gain a certain amount through digging and selling treasures.

Number of Artifacts: Find and collect certain artifacts in different soil layers.

Depth Level: Reach a specific depth during digging.

Several workers: Recruit and upgrade sufficient workers to ensure a stable production level.

Tool Upgrades: Upgrade digging tools such as excavators and engines for more performance.

Complete Missions: Complete special missions to gain unique bonuses.

When you complete the unlocking requirements, you will get a valuable bonus. This bonus includes cash, diamonds, extraordinary items, or other unique rewards. They can be used to upgrade tools, expand the digging area, increase production efficiency, or buy precious items in Tap Tap Dig Mod.

Strategic evolution

Here are some elements of strategy evolution that you can take advantage of in Tap Tap Dig MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/Fossils) on MODAPKOKI:

Tool Upgrades: Use the money earned from mining and selling treasures to upgrade tools such as diggers, engines, and flashlights. These upgrades will help you dig deeper and faster, increasing digging performance.

Recruit workers: Expand your pool of workers to boost production. New workers can dig and gather resources for you, helping you accumulate money and resources more quickly.

Expand your digging area: Use bonuses and resources to expand your digging area. As you expand, you’ll have more space to dig deeper and discover new treasures.

Use helper skills: Each helper in the game has its skills and abilities. Use them strategically to optimize the digging process. For example, if you want to dig deeper, use a helper that can increase digging power.

Use special items: As you explore, you will find unique items that can increase production, increase the spawn rate of treasures, or provide other benefits. Use them strategically to boost performance and get more rewards.

Upgrade miner

Mining Power: One of the essential aspects of Miner is its digging power. As you upgrade the Miner, your digging power will increase, allowing you to dig deeper and faster.

Mining Speed: Upgrading Miner also improves digging speed. This means you will progress faster in exploring the floors and finding treasures.

Resource capacity: Miners have limited resource capacity. As you upgrade him, this capacity will increase, allowing you to collect and accumulate more resources than before.

Auto Collectability: One of the essential benefits of upgrading Miner is the ability to collect automatically. When you reach a certain level, Miner automatically collects resources without joining directly. This saves time and enhances your production efficiency.

Unique Skills: When Miner reaches a certain level, you will unlock special skills. These skills can include a temporary increase in digging power, increased digging speed, or increased resource gathering in Tap Tap Dig APK.

Become a Legendary Archaeologist in Tap Tap Dig

In Tap Tap Dig MOD APK, you have gone through a memorable journey, from starting as a small gravedigger to becoming a legendary archaeologist. You have dug deep into the eart with patience and ingenuity, discovering priceless treasures and approaching wonders. You have endured trials, faced extreme circumstances, and achieved outstanding achievements. With your grip and boundless passion, you have proven yourself a great archaeologist worthy of the title of legend in Tap Tap Dig APK mod (Unlimited Diamonds/Fossils).