Tremble it! Bopyeo

Tremble it! Bopyeo MOD 1.0.2 Menu/Free In-App Purchase/God Mode APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameTremble it! Bopyeo
PublisherBSVG Ltd
Version1.0.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free In-App Purchase/God Mode
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 15, 2023 (11 months ago)
Tremble it! Bopyeo MOD APK Infomation expand_more

1. Menu
2. Free In-App Purchase ( See Instructions below )
3. God Mode

1. Don’t enable Free In-App Purchase mod yet
2. Buy any shop item
3. Purchase dialog appears. Close it
4. Enable Free In-App Purchase mod
5. Buy the shop item again
6. Profit
*Repeat from step 1 to buy another shop item

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Introduce about Tremble it! Bopyeo

Tremble it! Bopyeo MOD APK is a mobile video game developed by the Korean game company Pictosoft. This game can be played on iOS and Android operating systems.

Tremble it! Bopyeo is a horror game in which the player will have to face demons and perform various missions to reach the end of the game. The player controls the main character of the game, an adventurer named Bopyeo, who travels through the different levels of the game.

The player must search for items and solve puzzles to advance to the following level in the game. During the quest, the player must face the demons and implement strategies to overcome them.

New gameplay

Game Tremble it! Bopyeo on MODAPKOKI has a new and unique gameplay. Players will have to control the main character of the game, Bopyeo, to advance to different levels. However, the game is not only about searching and fighting monsters but also has other elements, such as puzzles and searching for keys, items and secret organs in the game.

During the game, the player must also use different tactics to overcome the challenges and monsters in the game. For example, in some situations, the player must use light to deceive the beast and find the right path to continue playing.

A unique feature of the game Trembles it! Bopyeo is how it handles the redirection when the player rotates their phone. If the player turns the phone forward, the character will go straight. If the player turns the phone left or right, the character will turn left or right, respectively.

There are many levels.

That’s right; Tremble it! Bopyeo MOD Menu has many different levels for players to explore and pass. Each class has a different difficulty level, with other challenges and missions.

From the first levels, players will be introduced to the plot and critical elements of the game and learn how to use items and skills to deal with monsters and solve puzzles. Then the game will become more difficult as the player advances to higher levels.

In addition to the primary levels, Tremble it! Bopyeo APK also has challenging levels in which players must complete different tasks to achieve the highest score. These challenging levels are often difficult and require the player to use the best skill and strategy to overcome.

Wide range of equipment

Equipment of the main character in the game Trembles it! Bopyeo is richly designed with many different weapons, equipment and skills for players to use in battle with monsters.

Regarding weapons, the Bopyeo character can use knives, swords, bows, guns, bombs, etc. These weapons have different powers and effects, and the player must use them wisely to defeat the monsters.

In addition to weapons, Bopyeo also has equipment such as armour, shoes, gloves and many other items to increase his strength and endurance. These items can be found in levels or purchased with in-game currency.

Moreover, Tremble it! Bopyeo APK mod also has exceptional skills, such as the high jump, wall climbing, jumping attack, etc., to help him overcome the obstacles in the game.


Game Tremble it! Bopyeo has a ranking system so players can compare their scores with other players worldwide.

The player’s score is calculated based on the game’s completion of levels and missions. If a player completes a story quickly and efficiently, they will get a higher score. Conversely, their score will drop if they take too long or make mistakes during play.

Tremble its ranking system! Tremble it! Bopyeo APK 1.0.2 allows players to compare their scores with other players worldwide, along with a list of players with the highest scores. This motivates players to achieve higher scores and stay at the top of the leaderboard.

Overview of the game Tremble it! Bopyeo

Tremble it! Bopyeo is a novel action game with exciting and challenging gameplay. With many levels, rich equipment and a ranking systems, this game will satisfy lovers of the action game genre.

However, the game still has some limitations, such as simple gameplay that are not as beautiful as other games of the same genre. However, if you are an action game lover, then Tremble it! Bopyeo MOD APK (Menu/Free In-App Purchase/God Mode) is still a good choice for entertainment and challenging yourself.