Ultra Dimension Defense

Ultra Dimension Defense MOD 1.4.2 God Mode APK

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NameUltra Dimension Defense
Publisher01Games Technology Co., Limited
Version1.4.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
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UpdatedSeptember 13, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Introduce about Ultra Dimension Defense

Ultra Dimension Defense MOD APK is a real-time strategy game. In the game, players will be a general and head an army of warriors, having to confront evil forces from different lands in different dimensions. The player’s task is to build and develop his base, create powerful military units, and destroy all enemies before they attack and destroy the player’s base. Players will be involved in many battles, undergo challenges, and must use strategy and ingenuity to defeat the enemy. The game offers players a variety of options for base building, technology research, and army development, allowing players to customize their strategy to deal with different enemies.

The Battle for the Demon King’s Throne

The battle for the throne of the Demon King is one of the most critical battles in the game Ultra Dimension Defense. In this battle, the player must confront the Demon King, a powerful and evil character trying to usurp the throne, an essential resource of the universe. During the battle, the player will have to face different evil forces of the Demon King, including minions, generals, and soldiers with other skills and strengths. Players need to use their tactics and abilities to defeat them and protect the throne. The battle for the throne of the Demon King is also a place for players to experience new features and refine their tactics. With different difficulty levels, this battle is one of the biggest challenges of the game Ultra Dimension Defense. If players win this battle, they will be rewarded with valuable experience points and resources to enhance their strategy and advance to other actions.

Control hero moves to attack and use skills.

Players can control one or more of their heroes to move around the map to attack enemies and use special skills. The player can choose one or more heroes from his hero list to control. The player can use the mouse or keyboard to move the hero to the desired location on the map. Players can also use keyboard shortcuts for faster control. When the hero gets close to the enemy, the player can use the mouse or keyboard to attack. In addition, players can also use keyboard shortcuts to activate the hero’s unique skills. When the hero has enough energy, the player can activate special skills using keyboard shortcuts or clicking the skill icon on the screen. Players can use keyboard shortcuts to select all the heroes in their squad and perform actions such as moving, attacking, and using skills on all of them simultaneously. With this control, players can make the most of the hero’s power and effectively destroy the enemy.

Collect, unlock, and upgrade companions

During gameplay; players can collect items to unlock companions. Companions can be found in containers or picked up from destroyed monsters. After having enough items, the player can use them to unlock new companions. Unlocked companions can be used in battle to aid the hero. Companions can also be upgraded to increase their strength and skills. To upgrade, players need to use resources such as gold or enhancement stones to level up their companions. After upgrading, companions will be able to have higher strength and be used to fight and support heroes in battle. Companions have different skills and strengths, so players need to choose companions that match their tactics and personality. Companions can also be paired with the hero to power up that hero. Players can take advantage of the power of their companions to help themselves fight and defend the throne effectively.

Over 100 stages and unlimited modes

Each stage has different difficulty levels, from easy to complex, to ensure a tremendous that is overbearing, and entertaining experience for players. The game also offers an unlimited mode, allowing players to play forever with no time limit or difficulty level. This mode allows players to challenge and improve their skills in the game. To overcome the stages and challenges in the game, players need to accumulate experience and resources, which can be used to upgrade heroes and their companions. In addition, players also need to have the right strategy to deal with different challenges in the game. With over 100 stages and unlimited modes, Ultra Dimension Defense offers players hours of entertainment and challenges.

Learn more about the strategy game Ultra Dimension Defense

With rich gameplay, beautiful visuals, and high challenge, Ultra Dimension Defense is an excellent choice for those who love strategy games. Features such as over 100 stages, unlimited modes, and collecting and upgrading companions provide players with plenty of choice and entertainment. If you want a new and exciting strategy game, try playing Ultra Dimension Defense and experience its appeal.