Vandals APK 1.1.15

Posted by Bui Thao
PublisherARTE Experience
Version1.1.15 (Latest)
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SupportAndroid 8.0
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UpdatedNovember 7, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Introduce about APK of Vandals

Vandals is where art and strategy come together in a truly innovative way to create an entirely new gaming experience. Beyond being a mere electronic game, Vandals immerses players into graffiti art’s vibrant, colorful world, where every wall becomes a captivating creative canvas. This game is not just an engaging adventure through famous cities worldwide; it’s also a skillfully crafted mental challenge.

Through Vandals, you’ll dive into the color-soaked streets of Paris, embrace the spirit of exploration in New York, and immerse yourself in the bustling urban landscapes of Sao Paulo. Beyond merely “painting” a mark on virtual walls, you’ll need to think critically, plan meticulously, and execute with finesse to evade the watchful eyes of the authorities. Meanwhile, you’ll craft unique pieces of art right on your screen.

Join us in stepping into the creative and daring world of “Vandals,” where you’ll explore distinctive street art and experience the delicate fusion of art and electronic gaming.

18 trophies to unlock

These accolades showcase players’ skills and creativity and add extra challenges and motivation to progress further in the street art adventure. Here are some prominent accolades in Vandals:

  1. Rookie: Unlocked when completing any level.
  2. Traveler: Explore all cities in the game.
  3. Artist: Complete a level without being caught.
  4. Explorer: Discover all bonus objectives.
  5. Vandal: Graffiti all spots on a level.
  6. Collector: Collect all-time badges in a level.
  7. Eagle Eye: Complete a level without viewing the map.
  8. Speedy: Complete a level in the shortest time possible.
  9. Champion: Achieve maximum score in a level.
  10. Masterpiece: Complete all levels with the maximum score.
  11. Starry Night: Unlocked by completing the Paris level.
  12. Concrete Jungle: Unlocked by completing the New York level.
  13. Samba City: Unlocked by completing the Sao Paulo level.

These are just a fraction of the accolades available in Vandals APK. Each accolade demands unique skills and strategies from players to achieve, adding diversity and excitement to the gaming experience.

60 puzzles to solve

One of the intriguing puzzles in Vandals APK transports you to a nighttime scene in Paris. Standing before a vast wall, you aim to craft intricate graffiti artwork without getting caught by patrolling police officers.

Before you, a street lamp casts its light upon the wall. You realize that this light can be harnessed to create a vivid composition. A large window on the other side of the wall offers an opportunity to establish natural contours. You also spot a few vertical planks nearby.

Your creativity is tested as you arrange these planks to form a sheltered area beneath the street lamp’s glow. You must grasp the direction of the light, creating shadows and darkened patches to outline the delicate shapes you wish to paint on the wall. Perhaps you will use some planks to create concealed corners or employ flickering lights for captivating dynamic effects.

Throughout the process of arrangement and shaping, you must be cautious not to be detected by the police. This demands flexibility and precision, ensuring you produce unique and impressive artwork without getting caught. As you complete your creation, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction for expressing your elegance and creativity in solving this puzzle, fashioning an exceptional artwork amidst the nocturnal world of Paris.

Smart gameplay

The clever gameplay in Vandals is exemplified through the ingenious combination of graffiti art and puzzle-solving tactics, creating a unique and engaging player experience. Below are some elements and characteristics of the clever gameplay in Vandals APK 1.1.15:

Strategic Skills and Planning: The game requires players to think strategically and plan carefully before taking action. It would be best to consider the positions of police officers, sources of light, and other environmental factors to find ways to create graffiti without being detected.

Integration of Art and Gameplay: “Vandals” blurs the boundary between real-world and virtual art. You are not just a player but also a graffiti artist, creating unique art pieces on virtual walls. This strong connection between the game and street art creates a powerful synergy.

Exploration of Diverse Environments: Each level takes you to a different city worldwide, with unique environments and gameplay mechanics. You need to understand and leverage local features to solve the puzzles.

Creative and Varied Puzzles: The puzzles in “Vandals” go beyond simply figuring out how to paint on a wall. You must utilize elements like light, shadows, coverings, sensors, and environmental objects to create creative and unique solutions.

Challenges Beyond Binary Right/Wrong: The game’s evaluation isn’t solely based on whether you get caught. You are also challenged to complete side objectives, create unique artistic effects, and find ways to achieve the highest score at each level.

Learning and Improvement: The game encourages experimentation, trial, and error, and learning from each playthrough. You can observe how different approaches affect outcomes and discover ways to improve your skills.

In conclusion, Vandals APK is not just an ordinary puzzle-solving game but an interactive and creative experience that challenges your thinking, artistic expression, and planning skills at each level.