Warplanes: Online Combat

Warplanes: Online Combat MOD 1.6 Unlimited Money/Free purchase APK

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NameWarplanes: Online Combat
PublisherHome Net Games
Version1.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Free purchase
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJanuary 26, 2024 (5 months ago)
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1. Unlimited Gold
2. Free Purchase for Gold
3. Premium planes Purchased

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Introduce about Warplanes: Online Combat

Warplanes: Online Combat MOD APK is one of the best aircraft shooting games available today, developed and acted by Home Net Games. With engaging gameplay, the game gives players the ultimate experience in space war. Players will be tested by piloting the most advanced fighters, participating in squad battles or fighting alone to win. Join me to discover the charm of Warplanes: Online Combat and become the top fighter in the sky.

The Great War of the Heavens: Conquest of Space

The Great War of the Heavens: Conquest of SpaceThe much-anticipated sequel to Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight, titled “Great War of the Universe: Conquer Space”, has been officially announced by the publisher Home Net Games. This dating game offers a thrilling experience and elevates space warfare to the era of World War II.

On the game platform Warplanes: Online Combat, “Great War of the Galaxy: Conquer Space” will bring players into exciting space battles where they can continue to show off their pilot skills through battles. It’s been a tough fight, a tough fight. This is an excellent opportunity to become legendary pilots, fight and show your excellence in online multiplayer matches.

With this expansion, players will participate in space battles on different planets and solar systems in the galaxy. They will experience great space environments and modes ranging from planets with guns and military installations under attack to star clusters and satellite defenders with sweeping views.

Experience the fascinating battle space with dramatic campaigns

With exciting missions and campaigns, Warplanes: Online Combat MOD APK gives players fresh challenges and opportunities to show off their fighting skills. Publisher Home Net Games has meticulously invested in creating missions and campaigns to create a diverse and engaging gaming experience.

In the game, players can participate in independent missions to face off against simulated opponents controlled by artificial intelligence or participate in a multi-part campaign to experience battles. Grow bigger and interact with other members of the gaming community. The missions and campaigns are meticulously designed with increasing difficulty, ensuring a constant challenge for players.

During the game, players can access various fighters and weapons ranging from older-generation aircraft to advanced technology. They can customize and upgrade their aircraft to suit their fighting style and ensure maximum power on the battlefield.

Learn about Warplanes: Online Combat modes

The first game mode is “Destroy Mode”, where the player must find and destroy all enemy planes to win. The opponents can be other player planes or computer-controlled planes.

The second game mode is “Score Mode”, in which the player must score points by destroying enemy planes. Each kill plane gives the player a score. The player with the highest score wins.

The third game mode is “Building Mode”, where the player must attack and destroy enemy structures. These structures can be fortresses, factories or bridges. The player must choose the right weapon to destroy these structures.

Finally, the “World War” game mode allows players to participate in massive battles between the nations of World War II. Players must fight in missions and campaigns to win for their army in this mode.

With many different game modes, Warplanes: Online Combat APK allows players to test their combat skills and experience the excitement of participating in air battles.

Large map

In-Home Net Games’ Warplanes: Online Combat, the map is essential in helping players navigate and fight effectively. The map in the game is very detailed, with many different terrains such as forests, deserts, plains, mountains, seas, and urban areas.

Each map’s size and terrain difference can affect the player’s tactics. Players can use the map to find opponents and locate them and identify safe zones to avoid enemy weapons.

The map also informs the player about other objects, such as shops, factories, fortresses, and radar stations. These objects can increase the player’s power or cause damage. Deal damage to the opponent.

The maps in the game are very realistic and beautifully designed, with details like runways, buildings, grasslands, trees, and more. This creates an excellent and realistic gaming experience for players.

Over 80 historic planes in Home Net Games’ Warplanes: Online Combat

With an emphasis on detail and realism, Warplanes: Online Combat APK mod on MODAPKOKI allows players to control and customize famous historic aircraft. Players can choose from a wide and varied collection, from the legendary World War II Spitfire to modern jets like the F-22 Raptor.

Each aircraft type in the game has its characteristics, including speed, light, weapon power, and durability. Players can choose the aircraft that suits their fighting style and use each type to gain an advantage in battle.

Not only introducing players to famous planes, Warplanes: Online Combat also offers a system of upgrades and customizations to enhance the power and capabilities of the aircraft. Players can improve the engine, weapon system, structure and controls to create an optimal aircraft for combat purposes.

With over 80 diverse historical aircraft, Warplanes: Online Combat offers players the opportunity to explore and experience legendary flying machines from the past and present. Players will be immersed in the dramatic battle space and feel responsible for piloting the great aircraft in aviation history.

Explore modern weapons and fight in the air

Warplanes: Online Combat MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Free purchase)1.6 is a must-have game for bomber lovers. The game gives players great experience when they control advanced fighters, participate in exciting air battles, and create campaigns. Not only that, players also experience countless modern weapons to use in battle, from ballistic missiles to machine guns and bombs.