XSCamera MOD 3.0.3 Premium Subscription Unlocked APK

Posted by Bui Thao
PublisherKurdCC, Inc.
Version3.0.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesPremium Subscription Unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about XSCamera

XSCamera MOD APK is a camera application developed by KurdCC, Inc. XSCamera allows users to take photos and videos with many unique and professional features. This application is designed to provide users with the ultimate tools to create beautiful photo and video artwork.

Some outstanding features of the XSCamera include professional photography mode, night mode, portrait mode, wide shooting mode, slow shutter mode, and many more features such as background blur and boost. Enhance colour and change brightness.

The application also supports high-resolution video recording, slow-motion video support, sound enhancement, and many other features to create unique, high-quality videos.

XSCamera is an entirely free application available on Android and iOS platforms. If you are a photography and video lover, you should try using XSCamera to create your beautiful works of art.

Professional photography

The professional photography function is one of the outstanding features of the XSCamera. With the ability to customize many parameters such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, users can freely adjust to create high-quality photos with the best sharpness and details.

The application also provides many shooting mode options such as single shot, continuous shot, magazine shot and HDR shot. Depending on the purpose of use, users can choose the most suitable mode to create the most beautiful and quality photos.

XSCamera also integrates supporting features such as brightness enhancement, colour balance, and skin smoothing to help users create beautiful portrait photos. All these features help users create more professional and creative photos.

Try your hand at night mode

Night mode is one of the outstanding features of the XSCamera. When taking photos in low light or at night, the app automatically switches to night mode to optimize photos with the best brightness and contrast.

XSCamera also allows users to customize ISO sensitivity and shutter speed further to increase brightness and reduce noise for night shots. This feature allows users to create more beautiful and sharper night photos than stock photography.

Moreover, XSCamera’s night shooting feature also supports continuous shooting mode, allowing users to create night photos with different brightness and interesting dynamic effects. All these features make XSCamera a worthwhile night photography application for those passionate about night photography.

Portrait mode

XSCamera features professional portraiture with portrait mode. This feature lets users create portrait photos with the best sharpness and detail.

The app offers a variety of portrait mode settings, including focus mode, eyeshot mode, and skin smoothing mode. They help users create beautiful and impressive portrait photos.

In addition, XSCamera also supports background blur, helping to create a depth effect and focus on the subject. This feature helps to create professional portraits with perfect blue or white backgrounds.

All these features make XSCamera a must-have portrait photography app for those who love photography and want to create beautiful and high-quality portrait photos.

Improve sound quality

XSCamera not only supports high-quality photography but also provides audio enhancement. This feature allows users to record high-quality audio with a maximum resolution of up to 48kHz.

XSCamera also features support for noise reduction when recording, which reduces noise and enhances sound quality during recording. In addition, the application also provides the ability to adjust the microphone’s sensitivity to optimize the recorded sound.

Moreover, XSCamera also allows users to choose various options for audio, such as omnidirectional microphone mode, centre recording microphone mode and many other microphone modes to meet different recording requirements.

All these features make XSCamera APK mod a professional recording application worth using for those who want to record high-quality audio and enhance the sound quality of their videos and songs.

Enhance colours for photos and videos

XSCamera also provides a colour enhancement for photos and videos. This feature allows users to customize the colour, brightness, contrast and saturation of photos and videos.

The application provides many colour filters, helping users create unique and beautiful colour effects. In addition, this feature also allows users to edit colours according to each colour channel to create professional colour effects.

In addition, XSCamera also provides real-time colour correction, allowing users to preview the results of colour correction on the live screen. This feature allows users to tweak colours flexibly and precisely.

All these features make XSCamera a practical colour enhancement application for creating beautiful and outstanding photos and videos with unique and professional colour effects.

Create slow effect

XSCamera provides slow-motion effects for users. This feature allows users to record videos at a slower recording speed than usual, creating a unique and captivating slow-motion effect.

The application allows users to choose the recording speed to create a slow effect, from 1/8x to 4x the original speed. This feature allows users to create different slow-motion effects and suit different shooting situations.

In addition, XSCamera MOD APK (Premium Subscription Unlocked) on MODAPKOKI also allows users to edit recorded videos to create slow-motion effects. This editing feature allows users to select specific periods in their videos to apply slow-motion effects, giving them a unique and sophisticated look.

All these features make XSCamera a professional video recording application worth using for creating unique and impressive videos with slow-motion effects.

Wide shooting mode

XSCamera provides wide-angle photography for users. This feature allows users to capture more in one photo, creating a wide shot with a wider viewing angle than conventional photography apps.

The application allows users to choose a wide shooting mode on its interface. When this mode is enabled, users can capture more in a photo by extending the shooting angle to 120 degrees. This feature will help users not miss any details in the frame and create beautiful and impressive wide photos.

In addition, XSCamera also provides automatic frame rotation when the user rotates his phone. This feature will make wide photography more accessible and flexible with different viewing angles.

All these features make XSCamera MOD APK a professional photography application worth using for creating beautiful and impressive wide photos.

Explore the world

XSCamera is a professional video and photography application that provides users with many unique and sophisticated features to create beautiful and impressive works of art. From wide shooting to portrait mode slow motion to good sound quality, XSCamera meets all your video and photography needs. With XSCamera Mod 3.0.3, you can explore the world around you and create unique and beautiful works of art.