Zombie Hill Racing

Zombie Hill Racing MOD 2.3.2 Unlimited Money/MENU APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameZombie Hill Racing
PublisherINLOGIC ARCADE - zombie racing shooter
Version2.3.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/MENU
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedJune 29, 2023 (12 months ago)
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Introduce about Zombie Hill Racing

Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money/MENU) – a thrilling racing game. In the game, you will be a talented driver, racing your car through rough terrain, hills and countless other scary challenges to reach the destination safely. However, unlike traditional racing games, Zombie Hill Racing has a horror element and is attractive by the slaughtering zombies waiting on the track. You must race, dodge fierce zombies, collect money and upgrade cars to face more difficult challenges.

Build and customize vehicles

In Zombie Hill Racing, you will not only race on bumpy and dangerous roads but also participate in the construction and customization of your vehicle. You can upgrade and repair your car with race bonuses to increase speed, balance and endurance. Besides, you can also customize the shape and colour of the car, creating a unique and personal car. With an exciting vehicle customization and monetization system, Zombie Hill Racing will give players a thrilling racing experience.

Control various vehicles

In Zombie Hill Racing, players can control different vehicles to conquer challenging roads and overcome scary monsters. The cars in the game are uniquely designed with various features, allowing players to customize and upgrade to increase their chances of winning.

Vehicles in Zombie Hill Racing include cars, trucks, fire trucks, helicopters, tanks and many other types of vehicles. Each type of vehicle has its characteristics, including speed, weight, durability and off-road capability.

Players can customize and upgrade their vehicles by purchasing and upgrading various parts, including engines, wheels, fuel, and weapons. This helps to increase speed, acceleration and ability to overcome difficult obstacles on the road.

In addition, players can also collect and use support items such as explosive bombs, drones and many other weapons to destroy monsters and improve their ability to win.

In summary, the different vehicles in Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK provide players with an exciting and engaging driving experience. Customize and upgrade your cars to increase your chances of winning and achieving the highest score in the game.

Drive the truck and conquer the mountains full of zombies

Zombie Hill Racing Mod is an exciting racing game where players will control a car and face scary zombies on the track. However, the unique thing here is that your opponents are not professional racers but bloodthirsty and crazy zombies.

In Zombie Hill Racing, players must drive their trucks through rough roads full of obstacles and zombies. You must carefully control your car to avoid colliding with the zombies on the road and collect valuable items to enhance the car’s performance.

The gameplay of Zombie Hill Racing is straightforward to play, especially suitable for those new to racing games. However, this does not mean that the game will be easy. Players must balance speed and driving skills to get their truck to its destination as safely and quickly as possible.

Defeat all kinds of undead

In Zombie Hill Racing APK, players will have to face a series of aggressive zombies attacking and threatening their lives. However, not all of them can be destroyed by conventional means. The game has many types of zombies, from regular zombies to giant monsters full of power.

To pass the levels in the game, players will have to find a way to defeat all kinds of zombies, including regular zombies, fast zombies, slow zombies, flying zombies, and monsters like Fire Dragon, Gelatin monsters, and more. Each undead type has unique characteristics and needs to use the right skills and weapons to destroy them.

This creates variety and challenges for players when facing different types of zombies in Zombie Hill Racing APK mod (Unlimited Money/MENU). If you are a fan of action and horror games, try defeating all kinds of zombies in this game and show off your skills.

Take part in racing on dangerous roads

With challenging and adventurous tracks, Zombie Hill Racing is a racing game worth playing and trying. Make the most of your vehicle’s capabilities, take on tough challenges and collect items to enhance your vehicle’s performance. Besides, the unique car customization and upgrade system will help you create a fantastic car that matches your style. If you love the racing genre and want to try your hand on bumpy roads, join Zombie Hill Racing MOD Menu on MODAPKOKI and become a racing champion!