Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami MOD 4.5.133 Unlimited Money APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameZombie Tsunami
PublisherMobigame S.A.R.L.
Version4.5.133 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJanuary 20, 2024 (5 months ago)

Introduction Zombie Tsunami

Build your legion of zombies and aim for the city in Zombie Tsunami MOD APK. You will become a commander of your army’s forces to attack the city. But the members of the military were not soldiers; they were zombies. Humans are the enemy of zombies, and you will join them to attack people in the city. And zombies have surrounded the city, and humanity can only wait for the zombie team to attack. So your role in this army is to lead the undead army searching for humans. Lead your undead brigade to flood the city’s interior and devour the humans.

Zombie Tsunami android free

Strange war

A strange virus also transforms you into a zombie monster that only knows how to kill. And since the appearance of the undead, the world has completely sunk into the apocalypse. The prospect of the earth being destroyed is approaching, and you will be the one to make it happen. In your subconscious, you have the role of controlling an army of zombies entering the city. And your goal is to find the city’s survivors and devour them. Your zombie army will be stronger if you swallow many people. However, you will also face an artificial challenge that can destroy your army of zombies Zombie Tsunami.

Zombie Tsunami mod

Zombie pandemic

The human world has encountered a pandemic from a virus and caused disaster everywhere Zombie Tsunami APK. Those infected with this virus all become evil green zombies. And in this world, you are also infected, but your role differs from other zombies. You still have a part of your mind leading the zombie army forward. Your goal is to be the only city where humanity is sled against an army of the undead. But they only know how to hide because the zombies have surrounded the city. Join the zombies to find humans in the town and make them part of an army of the undead.

Zombie Tsunami mod free

Corps of the undead

Humans now only know to prolong their hope of living inside the world’s last city. Outside, the world has sunk into the apocalypse, and they only know how to hide in the city. However, an army of the undead can also destroy humanity’s last hope. They aim to destroy all humans and are ready to enter where humans hide. And you are the leader of this bloodthirsty zombie army to overcome the obstacles that prevent it. Because of prolonging life, humanity will create challenges to destroy the zombie army. Gather zombies into your undead army to prepare to attack humans Zombie Tsunami APK mod.

Zombie Tsunami mod apk

Attack the city

You will be a member of an army of zombies and be responsible for leading them forward. You and your army of zombies also create the destruction of this world. And you will be the one to end the world’s hope of life when you destroy the rest. Even though they live in the city, your army of zombies will still come looking for them. You will control the army of zombies through the buildings and devour all humans. And the number of undead in your army will also increase if you swallow humans. Control the zombie army to attack people hiding inside the city to destroy the world Zombie Tsunami APK 4.5.133.

Zombie Tsunami apk

Zombie challenge

Humans know that zombies will attack the city, so they will find ways to resist. Since the city is man’s last hope of survival, they will create challenges to stop him. No matter how bloodthirsty a zombie is, it can still be destroyed if it encounters an obstacle. You lead the army of the undead and may encounter bombs along the way. And you must help the undead jump over all the bombs not to be destroyed. Or you will experience artificial subsidence lands to engulf the undead. Beware of human zombie-killing challenges in Zombie Tsunami MOD APK.

Zombie Tsunami apk free

Swallowing humans

When controlling the army of zombies, your goal is to survive and attack humans. The challenges zombies create have changed your plan compared to the original. But above all, it is still the task of devouring all the humans surviving in the city. You can sacrifice a zombie part if that helps you to accomplish the goal. However, some artificial challenges require a certain number of zombies to pass. So you must maintain the number of undead as much as possible to prepare for the challenge. Start moving around the city with a zombie party and search for humans to devour.

Transformation zombies

Zombie Tsunami android free

The power of zombies compared to humans was already superior, but now it will be more powerful. Since zombies will have to face human challenges, they can be upgraded. You will find zombie support boxes along the way and help zombies transform. And the time it takes to change your appearance will help your undead army become invincible. Any human challenge will not be able to destroy your zombies. So you need to take advantage of the transformation time to increase the number of zombies as much as possible. Search for undead support boxes and help your army destroy humans.

Zombie Tsunami free

Zombie upgrade

Your zombies are already strong enough to overcome the challenges that prevent humans. However, you can also upgrade the zombie army to give you a good start. The whole human race has entered the same city, which will be the test for you. And your odds of swallowing humans will increase if your zombie army is upgraded. But to reach the heightened standard, you must first overcome many challenges. The combination of boosting and controlling zombies will help you completely devour humans. Raise the zombie squad’s power to overcome the city’s human challenge.

Zombie Tsunami android

You will become a member of a team of zombies to destroy all humans. And in this party, you will be the leader of the zombie members entering the city. It is where people hold on to their hope of survival before the apocalypse created by zombies. To fight the zombies forward, humans have set up many challenges to stop the undead. So you will be the one to help the zombie team jump through the challenge and swallow the humans. Zombie upgrades in transforming will also help you quickly destroy the city. Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI to join your zombie team in the town of human destruction.